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  1. This is not a bug, only two accounts are allowed per user.
  2. Are you able to leave the autominer area itself whilst still automining?
  3. Known issue, please make a refund request if you still need this restored.
  4. Are you able to do it again by curing another villager or did it only happen this once time?
  5. Should no longer be possible, can you confirm?
  6. A better solution to this would simply be to track rewards even after disconnect, this falls under a bug instead. Will work to resolve this.
  7. Denied due to negative feedback.
  8. The 5k blocked mine requirement exists to encourage mining. Removing this limit would just allow players with the money to simply just rocket up with prestiges. This way players are actually forced to play rather than simply accumulating money and prestiging without mining. 5k mined is really not that hard to get.
  9. Would be better to just make a social system where you can add friends, then add the ability to close DMs to friends only, however this is low priority over more important core features. May be added at some point in the future.
  10. No, teleporting to the nether roof is only possible at the moment due to a bug and is considered bug abusing. There is no reason to build on the roof of the nether, just build within the nether itself.
  11. Expanding the stock Minecraft inventory is not possible if that is what you're asking, we will however follow the principle of adding items to balance, /cr claim, etc. rather than throwing items straight into your inventory to prevent this.
  12. Low priority, may be added at some point.
  13. Sounds way too OP, and takes from the principle of prison mining.
  14. Chat color in external chats is not allowed simply to prevent confusion with the main chat, it allows for easier distinguishability when reading.
  15. Very low priority, may be added at some point.
  16. Thanks for notifying, will look into this since this is unexpected behaviour.
  17. You are standing inside of an area that you may not have permission for. An area is not the same as a land. Double check the area permission settings and see if you have permissions, even if you are the land owner you may still need to configure yourself to be able to teleport. Does this solve the problem?