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  1. oh yeah, that works too but you can't place hoppers under chests in prison
  2. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Rae What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: You can steal stuff from peoples chest even if it has a chest shop sign which prohibits you from opening their chest, this can work in skyblock too I think if it uses the same shop system, I sent evidence to skully's dms because dead's is closedd
  3. :(, I can't. I can't get another account as I have 2 accounts registered to my IP already, one is mine and one is my brother and he quit already but I have asked skully he said that it isn't allowed for me to use his account even though he quit
  4. It's rare that I even get it with a empty inventory so I don't know if it actually goes into claim
  5. Coal is like 135k/block, angel is 200k I really don't think that's fine, besides it could make people look forward to getting coal because it's hard to grind 4q or even more especially in those circumstances to get coal uh gg on 100th post but the thing is, people are also already quitting because even if they have found irl traders once they ru they find that its still the same again, same block price and everything and now they have to grind 4q again to iron
  6. sounds cool ig, but I think there are other suggestions that have higher priority than this
  7. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Currently, Angel mine prices is a lot better than most ranks other than Elytra, Totem and Netherite, and coal mine prices are literally just not worth it, My suggestion would be to increase other ranks mine prices because donator ranks should be better than non donator ranks? Yes it may be a little p2w but there's something called irl trades too
  8. so what do you mean by luckyblock loot? I don't understand sorry.
  9. they do, they say do /claim I’ll send u a pic