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  1. Are you sure its a duplication glitch or a visual glitch only you see it.
  2. Arena is pve and is soposed to be fast so new rounds can start. if there was regen and better swords every couple of rounds who knows how long the match could go on for.
  3. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description The server has a miner minion but i think they should add more minions like collector minion. A collector minion is like choppers but is more useful and easier to use. Alot of people like the new chopper system and alot dont so you should add both I made a video using a minion plugin (dont have to use this plugin) to show a little of what i mean You can make it upgrade able with books or with money (each level the pickup distance increases) In the video i made the minion distance go up by 1 every level (example level one is 1x1x1 level 2 is 2x2x2 and so on) If this is a bad idea then sorry for wasting your time
  4. Alrt thank you, If it still happens ill dm skully
  5. I don't think so cause autominer is surrounded with bedrock. But i have never tried it so I dont know I do see alot of people in the walls in autominer though.
  6. Its been 2 days, I'm pretty sure its fixed
  7. I have updated my pmine to 205k again if it goes back to normal i will reply
  8. This is still a bug were i can break autominer floor/go through walls (only breaking blocks is only visual to the player only)
  9. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description this setting enabled allows members to stack blocks together and take out blocks from stacks But when you disable it they cant do ether. They cant take out blocks or place blocks I think to prevent in-siding for is value you should make it 2 selections one for place blocks and one for take out blocks for islands that only want members to place blocks in stacks and not be able to take out
  10. there are 2 staff members that are usually on and could help you with anything you want. If you were blocked than it was probably for a good reason and is not there fault you cannot message them.
  11. its already a thing if you want to see scoreboard for a certain land do /l edit (land name)
  12. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description The ability to choose which blocks stack and which dont when you do /is toggle blocks it toggles all blocks from stacking. but if you only want lapis blocks not to stack you can do /is toggle blocks (block name) or you can make it a gui based command and you can go through multiple blocks and choose which can stack and which cannot like /is permissions but with blocks. And you could add a variety of blocks in there such as (lapis blocks, redstone blocks, obsdian,becons) or you can just keep it /is toggle blocks and add blocks like diamondblock, redstone block, lapis block, ironblock,emeraldblock
  13. they would quit faster if your idea was added to make p2w even worse
  14. If they were to make other ranks better than they would have to change up all prices and it would be a waste of time. this would a next season thing. And if they were to make donator ranks better than non-donators would quit due to them not finding any irl traders atm and how p2w the server will be.