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    • one more thing i forgot to say is that, 4) ISLAND UPGRADE: In this upgrade we can increase the size of our island to much more size                                        300x300(price 50k); 400x400(price 100k); 500x500(price 150k); 600x600(price 200k); 700x700(price                                        250k); 800x800(price 300k); 900x900(price 350k); 1000x1000(price 400k)
    • SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description Hi, I am JeeSKUULL (a player from ultra network server.) I wish to have some updates on the skyblock server. I wish to have the following updates 1) Spawner Update:- a) who should have access to it: EVERYONE                                      b) what is the update: THE UPDATE DESCRIPTION IS THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE DROP TYPE WHEN                                                                              ANYTHING SPAWNS WITH IN GAME MONEY.                                      c) how it works and what it can do: AS WE HAVE SECTIONS IN THE SPAWNER UPGRADES ADD ONE MORE                                                                                                            SECTION IN WHICH THE DROP TYPES WILL BE LIKE THE FOLLOWING: i) IRON GOLEM SPAWNER: lvl 1- normal drop(no price);  lvl 2- iron nuggets(price 10k/1000 stack);  lvl 3- iron ingots(price 20k/1000stack); lvl 4- iron blocks(price 40k/1000stack). ii) VINDICATOR SPAWNER: lvl 1- emerald(no price); lvl 2- emerald and omnious banner(price 35k/1000 stack); lvl 3- emerald blocks and omnious banners(50k/1000stack). iii) ZOMBIE PIGMEN SPAWNER: lvl 1- only rotten flesh(no price); lvl 2- rotten flesh and gold nuggets(price 10k/1000stack); lvl 3-rotten flesh and gold ingots(30k/1000stack); lvl 4-rotten flesh and gold blocks(50k/1000 stack). iv) COW SPAWNER: lvl 1-only raw beef(no price); lvl 2-raw beef and leather(price 2k/1000stack); lvl 3-cooked beef and leather(price 15k/1000stack) ONLY THESE SPAWNERS BECAUSE REST CAN'T BE. NOTE:- THE ABOVE UPGRADES CAN BE DONE ONLY WITH A 1000 STACKED SPAWNERS. 2) PVP ARENA UPDATE: Make a new pvp arena in which i can help. 3) DISCORD UPDATE: Make a team of server developing team make seperate roles and channel and vc for it. DEADMASTER AND SKULLY AND ALL OTHERS IF YOU LIKE MY IDEA THEN CONTACT ME IN DISCORD. MY DISCORD- JeeSKUULL#7059 THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR READING THIS SUGGESTION. I DON'T HAVE ANY PIC OF THIS THATS WHY I COUDN'T GIVE. Regards, JeeSKUULL
    • BUG REPORT In-Game Name: SuperLoLoL What is the bug related to?: Survival Server   Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello When we do /topplaytime on survival, there is x29 Dead_master_121 on topplaytime From Position 32 To -> 59  
    • SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description I think you should add more reward when we prestige.  
    • Try to switch hotbars, and please PM me on Discord for more assistance. JakeTheMan#6604
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