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    • We are always working to improve gameplay in between seasons and make gameplay improvements, primarily bug fixes.
    • SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description The Problem Currently the multipliers or multis you gain from proliferate indicates that it gives you a sell multiplier from 0.03 to 0.3, which means from 3% to 30% more gain from the upgrade. while it shows up in /multis and at the top of screen as 1.03 to 1.3 multi which means it should give you from 103% to 130% which it's not what's happening. /multi have the same issue in what i can imagine the same visual bug as it adds up your multipliers together to a wrong total. e.g. if you have a 0.5 multi from gang, 0.2 multi from pickaxe, 0.2 multi from proliferate it should add up to 0.9 multi. But in game it adds up to a 1.9 multi since it think that you're getting a 1.2 multi instead of 0.2 multi which makes some players including me a little confused. (Same issue happens from multi crystals) My suggested solution Multis can be displayed as precentage instead of just a decemal it would make it a little easier to figure out and read quickly. other solution would be to just make the multipliers display the right ammount instead of the 1.xx at the start. here's some images for demonstration purposes.  
    • I'm thinking that it would be a good idea to add google pay method on UN Store so that player can easily buy ranks cause different region don't support PayPal and Debit cards. Google Play Payments provide a wide selection of payment methods. Players can just radeem money in their sim card and pay for the rank.
    • It is lovely to see that the owners and staff are working day and night in order to provide their players best experience.
    • i love the update! good to be back in 3 months
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