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  1. lol its not about the money that was made its about the number of blocks mined in that time period
  2. So basically what your trying to say is that on the mining summary you want it to be like this. EX: Mining Summary: Money earned: (amount) Tokens earned: (amount) Blocks mined (amount)
  3. Are you talking about the mining summary? If then i wouldn't call it an pick enchantment but something that should be in /prefs, if you want to see how much blocks mined during the 1min period. However i think there should be a /stats (or something similar name) command that list's the Highest amount of blocks you mined in a summary/ Highest amount of money made in a summary. Or even better in a 24 hour period to see what day you mined the most and stats of that day, however this does go away from your original idea. (also im not too sure if this was made i would pay much attention to this if it where added other than a flex but still nice to have none the less)
  4. Have you tried making a refund request, if not u can do it here Create Refund Request
  5. I found it best to die and respawn way from the villagers, so that they all stop becoming still, another "solution" is to allow more land for the villagers to walk around, so their not as bunched up and just freeze. (This isn't a permanent fix but it helps for the time being)
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description By using the command /market or /bazaar will teleport you to a market place with a bunch of npc's. These npc's will allow you to buy a items for a set price, the transaction can be done either through certain blocks (iron, diamond, or netherite) or though the in game money system. There could also be a sell npc which would allow for players to sell there blocks for a set value, there could also be custom npc's that come at certain times and have custom items to sell and have a certain stock. In this place there can also be mini games, some ideas are like /arena in prison but single player and the longer you survive the more money you get (the armor is what they come with so no set armor for everyone), there can also be a archery game with multiple people where there is a mob on a mine cart and the first person to shoot the mob gets money. I feel like this would get the community to see each other more and interact because the only other time I see anyone else is if they are a team member and they come online or if I'm using the public xp farm, other than there is no spawn for everyone to chill at and meet people.
  7. maybe u have bad luck, try on a different account
  8. do u have it maxed out? because it happens often for me
  9. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description can we build on the nether roof? to make farms or what not
  10. the enchant called luckyblock
  11. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description Make the flow of the lava in the nether slower, idk if its the tick or something but it flows faster than water
  12. the new pickax enchant and the stuff you get from it
  13. ... yes thats for keys only you don't get the loot from lucky block tho, thats why you're getting the message "you have a full inventory! Dispose items using /trash!"
  14. yeah send a pic, because is doesn't for me, after mining and receiving a lot of messages saying that I have a full inventory theres no differences in my /claim