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  2. Hello wizardhaste32, this is not the right place to create a ban appeal, click here to create a proper ban appeal. Good luck
  3. lemme tell u about this i the first time i go to this server i grind then a party comes in i still remmber in plains and desert there is wabble emerlad rooster and 2 more ppl wablee spawn killing me when i tp to him he use crossbow multishot with harming 2 arrow istill remember he kept killing me until i gave up till i die 43 times when i gaev the arrow to wable he pass me back that mean he didnt need it now i know what wablee personality so i used hack and killed wable then i get banned for 30 days ok i admit i cna get banned then i didnt used hacks till now but wablee cuz he a trusted and famous player he tell everybody like 'ew wizardhaste32 is a hacker guys' he keep saying that so ppl just report me i didnt do anything then i grind mcmmo a bit and he still do that and i get banned now buttttttttt rooster he admit hes hacking and get banned now hes not the storry just like me but he grnid mcmmo and get reputation idk how rosster grind it so i just keep goin with the odl strats is spaw clicking pig with weaknes and wooden axe so i can get mcmmo fast and wabllee said i apreciate rooster cuz he grind mcmmo and when i go to my base to make poison 1 arrow in the chat i wrote already conectiong to the server and then i get timed out when join i get abnneed for 30 days again but now im not hacking that the diffrent about it now i cant do anything awblee cna just spam in chat im still hacking but he didnt mendtion rooster name i can send my photes being banned now and i can livestream about when i play this server i can livestream all day all night so i didnt get abbnned i can send me ur discord add friend me even make a dc server so i can livestream if u want to appeal my ban
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  5. well yeah they can afford it otherwise there wouldn't be players with Platinum bundle & netherite rank.
  6. If people can afford a 130$ bundle they can prob prestige 10 times for a .11 multi smh
  7. Last week
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see what I can do
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see what I can do
  10. no need dead answered my ques also discord
  11. lol its not about the money that was made its about the number of blocks mined in that time period
  12. No Edit: i did place it now and it still doesnt work
  13. I'll make it so people that purchased it will have a reduced cooldown for next season (possibly the ability to reset specific mines too), thanks
  14. Exactly what iconop said, we need some PvP minigames with different types of maps where we can invite our friends to play on, I agree with the private PvP session but their PvP stats won't be ruined or changed whether they lose or not. I'm looking forward or WE are looking forward for the future updates on UltraNetwork. But there's a problem, the owners are quite busy, there are no staff to help them out, Memeologist_, the builder, is also busy or in a some sort of vacation I'd say? The owner doesn't have enough time to do what we suggested or they have planned to make the server this way, we'll wait for further announcements as we continue to play in this server.
  15. did you place a grass block near the spawner?
  16. I cant get a pig spawner working pls help
  17. you should that the 0.6 multiplier is REALLY OP ... + i'd think your right large plot would be better
  18. Question is title also please dont delete this post
  19. Not really a major issue that we need to be focused on right now.
  20. Really really required!!! Many members leave the island with their chests in pshops etc. making that place as well as storage useless for the members
  21. 10/10 idea, i have alot of sell signs from old is members who are inactive and adding a way to remove the signs would be nice
  22. The only op thing in there is the switch from void to ender (which is $30) and its a 1 time thing.
  23. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: iconop What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Not able to put ces on items since last 2 days. Whenever I drag and drop a ce on an item the ce doesn't applies. The link below is to a video showing exactly what happens. Thank You
  24. well yeah because there is already ALOT of OP things in it that makes it overpowered, and i don't think you are even gonna use the keys.
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