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  3. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Survival Buying, selling or trading?: Selling What I am Selling: oak log How I would like to be contacted: tp me on minecraft when i was online only
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  5. We have seen a recent rise in the usage of generative AI to produce answers to the questions within the staff application, this low-effort behaviour will deem your application as non-genuine and result in a permanent blacklist from ever applying to the staff team again. We use a variety of methods and tools to validate the contents of every staff application to a high level of accuracy, any applications that are not genuine, plagiarized, or low effort will be immediately denied.
  6. I'm quite late on this, but nonetheless this is related to a version issue not a server issue. It is suggested to play prisons on 1.17-1.18.2.
  7. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: AndrewTheWusky What is the bug related to?: Other Briefly explain the bug/issue: When you first connect to the server, when it asks you to login, when you run the command /premium for premium accounts, it says "You have been added to the list of premium accounts" so we don't have to log in, however when we connect, it still asks you for your password.
  8. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: AndrewTheWusky What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: The side scoreboard with all of the player statistics, is bugged, You can not see exactly how much money you have as it only displays .5 instead of .5B etc., It is the same with Tokens.
  9. Uh? Hi there, There is a suggestions form that you can fill out by the way, Here is the suggestions form. Just trying to be helpful
  10. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description I think that the staff team should add public mines, because interacting with other people during mining sessions is essential, i think that if you have public mines again like you used to, it would boost community engagement. Considering that many people also like private mines, i think that there should be a perk (in /perks) so you can purchase private mines (for in-game money) that way Ultra Network OP Prisons servers continue with the new updated private mines, while also keeping the original olden time/nostalgic that the OG player base can enjoy.
  11. Hello, as i wanted to play on the server i got instantly kicked with the Message: "Kicked whilst connecting to lobby: You should join using username vxssi not Vxssi" I never had that before so i hope you can help. Theres also a screenshot atached Hope you find an Fix Vxssi
  12. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Many crystals are opened daily and lots of people end up having low percentage crystals that have no use. To combat this, I think some sort of system should be created to allow players to be able to sell/upgrade unwanted pickaxe crystals for profit or a higher boost percentage. I would recommend adding the ability for crystals to be placed on the /exchange menu for tokens ranging from a few thousand up to 50 thousand tokens. This could go up in percentages of 10, increasing the amount of tokens by 5 thousand. For any crystals with a boost of any amount under 5%, this could decrease to around 2.5 thousand tokens. An alternative (or addition) to this could be a system to allow crystals to combine together, increasing the boost a crystal gives. This could work by having a higher percentage crystal in the first slot and having it's boost added on by the percentage of the lower crystal. For example, a 50% boost crystal could have a 10% boost crystal combined to it, increasing the 50% boost to a 55% boost. If this seems way too helpful towards the gain of crystals, the amount of tokens gained from exchanging could be lowered and there could be a maximum boost percentage which is allowed to be combined and a maximum a crystal can get boosted up to. Extra: With the combination idea, there could be some sort of item needed per combination which could be gained from a player doing a certain thing (such as mining a certain amount of blocks or completing a certain number of waves in arena). If this is something you are able to work on and create, it would be greatly appreciated and would benefit many players who have an extreme amount of non-sellable crystals.
  13. Thats like bypassing your grinding and depending on others. :v
  14. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description To the server, another shop which can be accessed by /xpshop should be added. There, we could buy some illegal stuff (minecraft server) for the cost of XP levels. It resets once every week for persons. It can contain max 3 items (considering none are bought by the player now). The loot table will be of 6 items. • Speed 4 Potion - This can be bought for 10 XP levels. • Unbreakable book - This can be bought for 80 XP levels and upon adding to an item, it will make that unbreakable. • Sharpness VI book - This could be bought for 28 XP levels. • Protection VII book - This could be bought for 56 XP levels and will add Protection 7 to a piece of armor. • XP Booster - This will boost the XP we gain by 1.5x and for 3 days upon consumption. This will cost 40 XP levels. • Saturday Meal - This can be bought for 2 XP levels. This gives Saturation for 3 minutes. (Hope this suggestion is liked by you.) (I noted the possible items, their cost, etc can be changed.) Reason for this recommendation: It makes XP grinding more fun.
  15. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: NotGaros What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I used a new item of the update that is to add a block or something like that in your mine, from there I no longer get the same money before my summary was 2T and now it is 90B, I hope you can fix it
  16. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description My suggestions are about our mines having and being able to buy a higher sell price for the mine as of now the best is 110k why not make it possible so that for the right amount of money or tokens or both on high levels to increase the sell prices (prices & levels determined by the owners ofc) and my other suggestion is being able to change the blocks of the mine to whichever we like for maybe an amount of money or maybe put it as a command to purchase from the buycraft also put it on high ranks from Elytra + command would be for example /minesettings or /mine menu or /mine options and another suggestion is being able to set your own mine public maybe for some people who have mines bigger than others with the person setting it public can choose a fee % of money and tokens they get from the people mining in it example if i mine for 30 seconds and i get 1trillion and 10.000 tokens and lets say the owner chose 20% the owner gets 20% of that 1 trillion and 10.000 tokens
  17. PRISON SEASON 9 NOTE: Not all changes included in the Season 9 are listed within this update post, this is a comprehensible overview of the most notable changes! NEW: Pets Currently you can only obtain a T1 Unidentified pet via crates There a total of 11 different pets in T1 Once you obtain a pet you must hatch it in /pets Pet slots can be unlocked through prestige and rebirthing Prestige 10 Rebirth 1 Rebirth 2 Rebirth 4 NEW: Pickaxe Abilities Progression Abilities are now purchased through experience (/xp) Every 5th tier will unlock a new ability 50 tiers in total Stria: Activate liner instantly Cooldown: 5minutes Accumulate: Increase a random activated multiplier by 15-25% Cooldown: 10minutes Spring: Skip 1-10 levels instantly Cooldown: 10minutes Flash: increase your flight speed by x2 Cooldown: 10minutes Anger issues: Activate rage for a whole minute Cooldown: 20minutes Sire: Summon a T1 minechest Cooldown: 20minutes Utmost: Increases your fortune to your /maxfort Cooldown: 20 minutes Abnormal: Randomly activate one of your pickaxe enchants for up to 15 seconds Cooldown: 15minutes NEW: Iridium bundle A new bundle that you can unlock after Platinum Ender rank Note: ender rank is excluded from Bundle Upgrades x3 Large plotmines x0.5 Sell multiplier x0.1 Token multiplier x0.1 Pickaxe multiplier 390 Fortune /autoexchange /mr reduced cooldown [30s] Other notable changes: Fortune changes: [Vote/Kits/Bundles/Prestige] Iridium: 390 Platinum: 375 Titanium: 350 Prestige: 350 Bronze: 340 Netherite: 325 Totem: 310 Vote: 300 Elytra: 295 Ender: 280 Void: 265 Bedrock: 250 Emerald: 245 Diamond: 230 Redstone: 215 Lapis: 200 Gold: 175 Iron: 150 Coal: 125 Default pickaxe: 100 Unidentified book changes: Laser book was added Lightning, excavation & luckymining is now mow rare Booster changes: Decreased price for tripartite to 10k [Before 25k] Increased price for ephemeral to 50k [Before 25k] Increased price for withal to 25k [Before 10k] Increased price for Tariff to 35k [Before 20k] Rage cooldown is now 10 seconds longer Arena changes: Added T3 to boss rewards Added T2 to regular rewards Increased money rewards to 1b - 50b Removed efficiency and unbreaking from loot table Plotmine changes: 30 Plotmines is now max The mines resetting will now be smoother and faster Slots now have a 3 day cooldown after expiry All plotmines are now 110k sell price by default Pickaxe prestiges: Price is now = prestige * (10000 * (rebirth+1) At pickaxe prestige 40 it will now give 1.30 multiplier instead of 1.27 Scoreboard changes: Removed progression & mined blocks Multipliers are now displayed Enchant changes: Binate no longer multiples multipliers, only the originally amount Binate calculation is now accurate Increased experience gained from Experience enchant (Buffs Tariff too) Price changes: Lightning = 15k/level Elapse = 40/level Liner+Upright = 200k/level LuckyMining = 250/level Explosive = 10/level LuckyBlock = 30/level Now uses the same chestshop system as Skyblock You can now expand your /mine with Mine Expansion blocks [Obtained from Legendary crate] Increased pickaxe experience item to 500 - 10k experience Minbombs will now give pickaxe experience Drag and drop onto pickaxe items will now only work through right-clicking your pickaxe Added /mergeautominertime [Merged autominer time Added /autoexchange [Available in the Iridium bundle] Removals: Removed efficiency & unbreaking Removed clone enchant [More than likely to return] Removed burgeon & prosper enchant their respective boosters Removed progression & mined blocks from scoreboard Removed multiplier bossbars Removed rebirth rewards Removed rebirth shop
  18. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: 7amdooooonn What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: sticky pistons keeps disappearing after placing them like i put a sticky piton at a place then i check it the next day it disappear i'm not the only 1 facing this problem
  19. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: 7amdooooonn What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: i just forgot to change the language while playing and send a msg in a other language than english then git muted for 2 months
  20. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: 7amdooooonn What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: i just got muted for 2 months i didn't do anything or swear and if i why 2 months
  21. i guess this is a better explaination for why looting enchant doesnt work. i will just explain it here so the other players that dont know about it yet would know the reasons why it doesnt work. right now drop rates are now based on Tiers so if you have a Tier 1 spawner the drop rate/amount is only 1. and every tier it increases the total of drop rate/amount by 1 and on a Tier 4 / Tier 5 spawner these two can drop items between 2 > 4 for Tier 4 and 2 > 5 for Tier 5 so basically adding looting to swords or enabling the enchantment for the public to use it. is just a bad idea and will ruin the concept of Tiered spawners drop rate/amount. about the mending book i will just say it here too even though we are not talking about it. people are also probablly wondering if it doesnt work or not. and here is the answer to that. no. mending will also not work and you have to bare with using /repair costing exp levels everytime you repair an item (it increases by 1 level upto 35 exp levels.) we cant really put it up to dead or skully banning the players who would break the rules. its only him and skully are the current staff members at the moment on ultranetwork. they have things to do too. such as developing the server for the community. helping out players that are experiencing problems in the server. fixing bugs and many more. and if a player decided to break the rules without anyone seeing them doing it. such as locking their island to dupe items. it would be too late for us to report them. and before we even know it. the damage had been done already. same thing goes to afk miners. all they have to do is to know the schedule of dead and skully and they can abuse it daily.
  22. Yeah, but those people would be easily banned/punished for breaking the rules xd Not really, if you do chat reactions on the regular, you can earn 2 stacks of rare keys, easily. The oopsie dead did was making common keys unobtainable, but right now, no one cares about them anyways. Adding that many keys to the bundle would be just easily P2W. As I've stated before, adding anything custom would be a bit too broken for a purchase you would do with real life money. Vanilla enchants is the limit to kits. Also, could you rephrase your reply to the looting thing?
  23. The custom enchantments in monthly crates. Id suggest if it comes to dead adding them on monthly crates, he should atleast lower the chances of getting it or making the chances atleast not too common. have you seen the monthly crates in prison? because if you compare the rewards that i suggested that the monthly crates should have in skyblock to prison's monthly crates they were almost the same. even the excavation/liner/luckymining/clone book is possible to get there. these are considered as a really good enchant. id say its fair to also include 4 of the best enchants in skyblock which are the ones that i listed and should have a maximum of 2 more levels unlike the ones in prison. +50 hopper limits per 10mil island levels thats actually a great idea by dead, making island levels more enjoyable to grind. The looting on swords was already been decided since day 1. The reason why its disabled is to follow the order of T1 > T5 drop rates/amounts because of that adding looting on a kit/item wont happen. For the Fortune 15 Enchantment Level is way too OP specially for the people who love to afk mine when a staff is not around. an hour with a fortune 10 + veinminer 4 or higher is already considered TOO OP now imagine with FORTUNE 15 i also had that idea in mind but when i came to imagine having a FORTUNE 15 + Veinminer is just too overkill. then i said to myself, yeah its not a great idea so might aswell lower it to 12. The custom enchants in bundles are there to make it unique i would suggest dead to not add Custom Enchants on Bronze & Titanium bundle except Platinum Bundle. and about the keys you get from the bundles. its way too hard to earn keys in game right now. I would agree its way too many but not way too OP. if there's an easy way to get common keys and legendary keys atleast a FEW keys on bundles would be nice. the easiest one to get rn is RARE which doesnt make it so RARE because COMMON keys are way too hard to earn than RARE keys which doesnt even make sense if you think about it. Possible ways to obtain the following keys: Common Keys - Other crates / Vote party Rare Keys - Other crates / Vote Party / Chat Reaction Legendary Keys - Other crates / Vote Party
  24. same goes to keys, 100 is WAY too much. this isn't prison lol
  25. inquisitive level 7 would be way too overpowered, so would experience and slaughter. this way it would be WAY too p2w. as for hoppers, Dead stated that he will make it so that for every 10 million island levels, there will be an addition of 50 hoppers, so 100 hoppers considering people like us (with 15, 20 and 40 million island levels, respectively) wouldn't be that much. my idea was to add a looting sword with looting 5, an efficiency and fortune 15 pickaxe, and similar enchantments to other tools as well. this would be an ideal kit for platinum. adding custom enchants to kits would be too much.
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