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  1. Please PM me on Discord so I can assist you in recovering your account.
  2. Manual light level is applied to Skyblock as a feature to keep areas bright - this can probably be reset by placing a torch down and removing it to reset the lighting; not a bug.
  3. I have attempted to recreate the issue however the functionality of the enchants that you seem to be having trouble with do not appear to exist. Keep in mind that mine you are mining in has a significant difference as well, along with the pickaxe being used. When mining with enchants that mine additional blocks around the source block mined, they are not counted toward the player's mined blocks - only blocks that the player actually breaks increments the total blocks mined counter, this is intentional. The same goes for Lucky Miner, it is only effective on the blocks the player actually mines.
  4. Skully

    passing time

    We are already planning on implementing a few short minigames such as spleef in the lobby for occasions like this, will be released very soon!
  5. Skully

    a texture pack

    This is not a PvP server, we do not have the time nor assets to spend in making lower fire or swords, or textures. There are a ton of free texture packs out there for players to use at their own time so we feel that it's not really necessary for us to provide one.
  6. The value of each item? That's a bit list and there isn't exactly a set price for anything, it is simply down to how much you are willing to sell something for and how much players are willing to pay for them. You can ask players on the server for a specific average price for an item at the time, but no one can give you a list for the price of every item since they change very frequently.
  7. Hey skully, i was wondering if i could have a discord link, all ones on sites are out of date. I used to play on this server and now have used up all of my registration slots and i would like to remove them to be able to play with this username. If you could get in touch that would be great, thanks.


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    2. Skully


      If you simply make a ban appeal, even if you don't know why you were banned, an investigation will be started regardless to determine why you were banned and then to create terms to get you unbanned.

    3. CoronaTablets


      Should i provide a date seen as though i dont recall when it was.


    4. Skully


      Again, it doesn't really matter - provide an estimate date as to when you last remember being in the Discord.

  8. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on the server!
  9. Skully


    UltraNetwork is a cracked server, this means that when you join with a different username than your normal one, you are given a completely different account. (Different usernames have their own account) In order to get your old account back, you can simply change your username back to what it was previously. If you have a premium Minecraft account and have to wait 30 days for the name change cool down, you can used a cracked client which lets you join cracked servers with any username you like - use it to log into your old username. If you want to keep your new username, then you'll have to login to both your accounts on the server at the same time and transfer your items over by giving it to your other account, this is something you have to do yourself and not something we can do for you. Other things such as play time, commands, etc. cannot be transferred. We will only assist in transferring your purchased content from our web store. Create a Rank Transfer Request Here:
  10. This is not a bug, it is to support older versions of Minecraft since sign stacking was not introduced until version 1.3.1. There are multiple players on the server still running 1.8 and so on, so in order for them to use these shops we don't stack signs.
  11. I already told mr @DeadMaster but he won't listen to me pls mr deadmaster move it away from spawn
  12. Obtaining good pickaxes and gear is already very easily accessible with player interaction, if we introduce a way for players to get OP gear straight from the server by mining, it will reduce the number of player-player trades and effect the pickaxe trading economy.