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  1. If this does not work for you then please join our Discord server and create a ticket.
  2. Hi! Make a ticket on our Discord server and we can assist you further with registration.
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  4. This restriction exists specifically to prevent players from just levelling from purely money, the goal of the gamemode is prison in which you mine; not just obtain a large amount of money and prestige all the way up as much as you can.
  5. Hey there! This topic above explains all the commands and everything you need to know for getting starting with setting up your land and managing it. Going to the nether is simply done by building a nether portal, and for McMMO commands, use /mcmmo in-game! You can also use /lands help for a list of all lands commands.
  6. This isn't a bug, just like it says try connecting again after a few minutes and you should be fine.
  7. Another bundle for prison, specifically with the specifications that you provided isn't something I think players would be interested in, though my primary concern is how OP this would be with such a high sell buff. The existing bundles I think are perfectly fine for now, however we will take the suggestions for creating bundles for the Skyblock server and see what we can come up with. Any suggestions on what sort of things would players like to see in a bundle for Skyblock are more than welcome.
  8. While monthly events are a good idea, we simply do not have the resources or time to host events and setup a whole server specifically for it every month - this is something we're definitely always interested in since it's a great way to engage with the community however it just isn't possible right now.
  9. [Update 26/03/21 17:09 GMT+0] (Final Update) After two weeks of downtime, we're excited to announce that UltraNetwork is back online! Both the Prison and Skyblock servers have been restored successfully with minimal data loss, the total duration of how far of a roll back occurred from restoring our latest backups cannot be accurately determined though it is within the range of 6-12 hours. Survival Server Whilst prison and skyblock are both back online, we're still waiting on a separate server within our host's data center to come back online in order for us to fetch the latest
  10. [Update 26/03/21 12:30 GMT+0] We are pleased to finally announce that we have obtained all of our database backups and are now in the process of restoring everything as quickly as possible! All servers are expected to be back online within the next few hours, a following announcement will be made later when everything is ready to go!
  11. This is probably a good idea, items that are listed for over a specific period (such as 3 days) should automatically be removed.
  12. [Update 19/03/21 21:46 GMT+0] With the process of getting all the servers back online, we have received information from the data center that during the power cycling stages of all servers a lot of smoke was discovered coming from some servers, they have stopped the operation to start up servers for the day and will resume tomorrow. Unfortunately they did not not get around to cycling our servers on today as we were hoping, we currently have no estimation as to when our data will be accessible in order for us to bring the servers back online. At this time, we can expect the servers to b
  13. [Update 19/03/21 11:13 GMT+0] The data center containing our server backups that we require for today's startup have begun a gradual restart of all servers and are preparing them to be restored for service, at this time we're unsure exactly at what point during today our data will become available for us to use before we launch the servers again. A following announcement will be posted later today with an update as soon as we have more information, we appreciate your patience.
  14. [Update 17/03/21 05:14 GMT+0] Hey players, just providing an update as to where we are with everything right now following the last update 6 days ago. We have just gotten in touch with the host to re-confirm our plan to have everything up and ready for the 19th of March since we're still waiting on our database backups on the offline servers. In the meantime, a temporary server was mentioned in the last post however due to complications with the new server we've received, it's currently experiencing significantly high ping and connectivity issues which has delayed the release - because it