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  1. Skully

    Is level problem.

    Known bug, we are already looking into this and island levels will be adjusted accordingly when the issue is resolved.
  2. This is not a bug, only two accounts are allowed per user.
  3. Skully

    i got banned

    Because you have an inappropriate account name, please rejoin the server with a different name.
  4. Are you able to leave the autominer area itself whilst still automining?
  5. Known issue, please make a refund request if you still need this restored.
  6. Unable to reproduce.
  7. Are you able to do it again by curing another villager or did it only happen this once time?
  8. Should no longer be possible, can you confirm?
  9. A better solution to this would simply be to track rewards even after disconnect, this falls under a bug instead. Will work to resolve this.
  10. Denied due to negative feedback.