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  1. You can take a screenshot of your nitro boosting page in Discord settings and make a ticket on Discord about it to claim the voucher.
  2. This is absolutely unnecessary, the time and effort on development is better spent on actually developing the server - visiting the forums is not that hard and if you want a notification, you can easily change your notification settings on the forums to send you an email if you like.
  3. I don't understand what you're suggesting then? Both global and personal tags exist on the store that can already do this, with the only exception being that the cooldown is two weeks rather than 1 hour.
  4. This already exists? The 'Custom Tag' is a tag that is just personal, whereas the global one is available for everyone. The tag can be changed up to 3 times, once every 2 weeks.
  5. A YouTuber rank already exists.
  6. This suggestion is made every month - no, we already had a channel for this and it simply gets unorganized with people spamming what they're selling every few hours. It is more cleaner and easier to use the forums section for this and find a trader there.
  7. Not really a major issue that we need to be focused on right now.
  8. Skully

    Account Transfer Create a request here, only ranks and purchased content are transferred across accounts.
  9. There are definitely not enough players to warrant a whole arabic chat to be added.
  10. Hi there, Please join our Discord server and use the #create-ticket channel to get in touch, there we can assist you in recovering your account. UltraNetwork Discord:
  11. To clear the chat, you can already press F3 + D. To hide the chat, you can disable it in the Minecraft chat settings. You don't need commands to do this.
  12. The problem with this is also that players will then begin reporting every minor thing, the majority of reports already do this. The player report section on the forums is intended for serious reports such as scamming, hackers, etc. where evidence can be posted and multiple members can be added to the report to resolve conflict. Whilst reporting other minor things is still technically acceptable, like a player begging once in the chat, we don't want to go and have to punish someone every single time a new player joins, are not aware of the rules, and decide to just say "give money pls" - if we do this, then about 10 players online will immediately go and submit a report on the forums rather than using /report in-game, or a Discord ticket which would be more appropriate. Creating incentive for reports isn't a good idea because it attracts users who don't care about creating reports/resolving conflict but those who are just chasing a reward.
  13. If a player is capable of making a Discord account and being able to find the correct channel to create a ticket, then they should have no problem creating a forum account and filling out a simple player report form. We use the forums instead for record keeping and referring back to the report later on in the event someone is banned, for ban appeals or involving multiple members.