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  1. If a player is capable of making a Discord account and being able to find the correct channel to create a ticket, then they should have no problem creating a forum account and filling out a simple player report form. We use the forums instead for record keeping and referring back to the report later on in the event someone is banned, for ban appeals or involving multiple members.
  2. If you are having issues with items lost due to a server related bug or glitch, you are welcome to create a refund request.
  3. You are welcome to host this however we unfortunately do not have the time to sit and moderate an in-game event - you should be fine without us, you really don't need servers owners for this.
  4. Please DM me on Discord in regards to this, this is not a bug.
  5. This is simply due to the fact that the chat reaction system we use is outdated and does not save the number of reaction wins correctly, it is already planned to rework this and replace it with a new and improved reaction system which will be implemented in a later update however regular updates take priority over a non-essential feature such as reactions.
  6. The global there is displaying perks that you get regardless of what server you get it on, whereas the perks listed above are server-specific.
  7. This is not a bug, please DM me on Discord and I can assist you in resolving this.
  8. Simply rebind your drop item button to something less frequently used, this is a redundant feature.
  9. We are aware of this bug, please dispose of the item, thanks.
  10. More than just 3, get them to comment on this topic for it to count.
  11. If you can get enough players to show support in this topic, we will add the chat. This suggestion will be denied in around a week if not enough player support is shown.