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  1. https://forums.ultranetwork.net/index.php?/forms/8-rank-transfer-request/ this might be of use
  2. So I though of a good idea to add a marriage plugin so players could marry each of if they want. how this will benefits me you want to know, it benefits me a lot because if you add it then ill be able to sell myself to players ingame using a /marry command so would be able to make a lot of money. I know that is an amazing idea isn't it so if you also think its a good idea please add a marriage plugin it would be a hole lot of fun I promise.
  3. Welcome I hope you enjoy the server as much as I do
  4. what they added makes it easy to get money from mining.
  5. but that's an insane Buff for totem
  6. Thats a big oof but now you will get more keys
  7. No I lost my unique Command oh well
  8. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: michaeltepper What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I warped to someone's island without being cooped and I can fly to do that I jumped in the void and before it showed the area of my island I would warp to someone's island and it would let me fly on someone's island. Buut all the blocks are invisible when I do