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    Nick Baneado

    Looks like your account was banned two years ago for server advertising. Since the ban was quite some time ago I'm willing to lift it. You should be able to join the server now.
  2. We are already working on releasing a survival server, it will be announced in our Discord server when it is ready.
  3. Use /changebind to get the bind interface and input the command you want without the /, so when you open the GUI, input: "sell hand". Then you can press the swap-hand bind, which by default is F, to activate your quick bind.
  4. The whole reactions system needs a rework and we do plan on doing it at some point with support for different languages, however it isn't a high priority right now for us; though this is something we definitely want to do.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, whilst interesting we have held a poll on our Discord server over the last week and players have voted for the gamemode they would like to see next.
  6. Just do the tutorial?
  7. Every rank above diamond rank that is purchased from the store is already global, even if they are voucher ranks. The ranks below this must be purchased separately for each server, this is an intentional implementation. If a player wants a rank on another server, they can purchase the rank again specific to that server, the reason we don't allow the ability to globalize a rank after it is purchased is because we don't plan to always have only two servers, the cost of making a rank global would be determined by the number of servers that currently exist because obviously when a rank is globalized, you get the perks across every single server on the network. This would require adjusting the price quite frequently and is generally unefficient. It is simple to just leave it the way it currently is.
  8. Please do as it says and DM an owner on our Discord server to reset the account.
  9. UltraNetwork is a cracked server, this means that when you join with a different username than your normal one, you are given a completely different account. (Different usernames have their own account) In order to get your old account back, you can simply change your username back to what it was previously. If you have a premium Minecraft account and have to wait 30 days for the name change cool down, you can used a cracked client which lets you join cracked servers with any username you like - use it to log into your old username. If you want to keep your new username, then you'll have to login to both your accounts on the server at the same time and transfer your items over by giving it to your other account, this is something you have to do yourself and not something we can do for you. Other things such as play time, commands, etc. cannot be transferred. We will only assist in transferring your purchased content from our web store. Create a Rank Transfer Request Here:
  10. This is a terrible idea, no.
  11. Hey, this is a known issue with Minecraft if using the gray shulker box and you put any items into it. We're looking into resolving it.
  12. Player to server interaction in terms of loaning assets is never a good idea because it can't be moderated in the event the player simply just never pays back. Additional to this, it takes away from players loaning money off each other.
  13. A good idea however would require syncronization with server and in-game player groups. This seems like too much of an extra feature that isn't required at this time because the forums doesn't have enough player traffic to justify it being required. Maybe in the future.
  14. Duplicate report, please make a refund request to get your pickaxe returned to you.
  15. This has been fixed.
  16. Villagers are currently not permanent entities, they will be removed whenever you move out of spawn distance, this may be changed in the future.
  17. Skully

    Change of password

    Have you tried If that doesn't work for you then DM me on Discord.
  18. Skully

    Change name

    If you want to change your in-game nickname, you can do so with /nick If you mean your actual account name, you can do so by changing your username on the Minecraft website if you have a premium account, or by changing the name on your cracked Minecraft client. Keep in mind that if you change your username, you will be on a completely different account since a username is what connects a player to an account; changing it would make a brand new one.
  19. PM me on Discord.
  20. We don't delete accounts because there is generally never a reason to. If you are asking because you want to log in with a new account and you have the max account registered limit, please PM me on Discord with the account name you want to use and why you need another account.
  21. This would require the combat on prison being fixed, at the moment every sword is a one-hit kill - we can't change this until the next season otherwise existing players would still have the OP swords stored away they can use. Player dueling is something we can definitely look at for next season.
  22. Whilst this is a good idea, it is of extremely low priority since its a very extra feature and we're more focused on resolving existing bugs with the servers. We will definitely take this into consideration when we plan for our next set of features.
  23. This is already planned for the next season, we can't do it this season because everyone already has such OP swords and we can't remove them until a full wipe.