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  1. The balance of keys obtained through rewards such as vote party is already balanced as it is, adding any more would just make keys less valuable.
  2. Denied due to reason stated above.
  3. Hopper filtering was disabled as it was very resource intensive, it will be reintroduced at a later date once we finish optimizing it.
  4. Spawners and general mob spawning is improved in the next update.
  5. Could you please clarify further? I don't know what you mean.
  6. Fixed in next prison reboot.
  7. Fixed in next prison reboot.
  8. Manual light level is applied to Skyblock as a feature to keep areas bright - this can probably be reset by placing a torch down and removing it to reset the lighting; not a bug.
  9. I have attempted to recreate the issue however the functionality of the enchants that you seem to be having trouble with do not appear to exist. Keep in mind that mine you are mining in has a significant difference as well, along with the pickaxe being used. When mining with enchants that mine additional blocks around the source block mined, they are not counted toward the player's mined blocks - only blocks that the player actually breaks increments the total blocks mined counter, this is intentional. The same goes for Lucky Miner, it is only effective on the blocks the player actually mines.
  10. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on the server!
  11. This is not a bug, it is to support older versions of Minecraft since sign stacking was not introduced until version 1.3.1. There are multiple players on the server still running 1.8 and so on, so in order for them to use these shops we don't stack signs.
  12. Low priority, to be confirmed.
  13. Confirmed, added to tracker. [#76]
  14. Confirmed and added to tracker. [#73]
  15. Iron golems do spawn, however due to the way the plugin is made they spawn at a ridiculously low rate, will be fixed for the next update.
  16. Confirmed though deprecated feature, no fix necessary.
  17. Confirmed though deprecated feature, no fix necessary.
  18. This is player fault and the pickaxe will not be refunded, do not place your items in interfaces where it is not intended to be. That command as stated, is used to change your bind.
  19. No, this would be considered bug abusing - please dispose of any bugged items until this bug is resolved.