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  1. recommended suggestions don't have priorities over other recommended suggestions, i think your confusing it with bug reports. Exactly my point.
  2. No ignoring everyone and turning off chat is not the same as what i suggested.
  3. It helps to make the server become less p2w i assume?
  4. Maybe rare to you, and I never said anything about beggars in the first place.
  5. So ignoring every single player, except the one person you are trying to chat with is easier?
  6. Yes everything was configured correctly, the problem was I had visitor role permission set to disabled for teleporting to l spawn. When I enabled permissions for visitor roles, it worked for me. (i have not created the area's / subareas )
  7. Even if you have voted it still pops for me, the solution to this should be an option to disable in /settings or /votetoggle.
  8. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: No Perm For L Spawn What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I am unable to do /l spawn I am the owner of the land, I checked all permissions. I made sure I have a l spawn set, tried from different locations/worlds.
  9. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description This is a suggestion to help members, as they only have 1 set home. In short form: be able to move 1 spawner. Part1: Being able to "silk" a spawner but, instead of going into your inventory, it goes into this gui that will pop up and it will say "You have 1 spider spawner" etc. This will mean you are in possession of a spawner, you will be able to place it however you will still be in possession of this spawner until you completely destroy it (loosing it forever). Limit of possessions = 1 This will ensure people cannot hog / sell / own multiple spawners at one time in the gui. (you can still own multiple spawners, but will not be able to "silk" them" This Gui will allow you to transport/move the spawner to your base etc. Part 2: Allow only 1 spawner to be able to be moved via the gui per person and spawners need to be 2 chunks away. Now that i typed all this I realized it is too complicated and confusing...
  10. Why should it ask if you want to place another one, when its not gonna let you since its maxed? It makes sense the way it is right now.
  11. Creative but might be to op Autominer is free money from afking requiring no skill/effort. Increasing it would ruin economy imo.
  12. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description When you /msgtoggle If you can filter out/add people to a list who can still message you. As I get my pm's spammed a lot and its difficult to pm 1 person and have a convo, introducing this feature will allow players to chat with 1 person without getting spammed from 10 people. /msgtoggle add/allow <player>
  13. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: Looking for an IRL Trader. Huge Pmine for 6.75B on SB. How I would like to be contacted: Discord = Lebron06#7307
  14. It seems like it's random chance of a ultra kill, as some hits are just normal 1 blaze damage. And all of a sudden on the 5th hit (despite having full health/gap regen) it 1 shots.