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  1. Prison Season 7 Hey all! Season 6 saw an exciting amount of gameplay and advancements by the majority of our players with last season being the longest season we've had on the prison server! We're excited to finally be able to announce a variety of significant improvements, updates and changes we've made to the prison server that we cannot wait for you to try out! There's a lot to cover, so we hope you take your time to go through everything below to stay informed on anything that has changed and how some of our new features work - be sure to cover everything below before ask
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  2. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description They could add an option to collect what you want from the /claim. Example: "Collect all bottles of experience" "Collect all Token multiplier" "Collect all Pickaxe multiplier" "Collect all the banknotes" In this they could put that when you pick it up it will be automatically added to your account so that it is easier "Collect all tokens" In this they could put that when you pick it up it will be automat
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  3. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: sophixex What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: With gangs it automatically kicks random people (I know Dead is aware of this) and it also won't let me kick anyone from my gang.
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  4. iKeera

    my suggestions

    Hi i am iKeera, i have been playing on this server for like 3 or 4 years, and i enjoy playing with the community. i have some suggestions that came to my mind, and i would like to share it here. ARENA :- 1- the amount of money paper we get its filling the /claim and it has a value of Billions, and take a lot of time claiming and redeeming them, so i suggest to low the chance of getting them and increase the value to +1T at least. 2- add sweeping edge to the sword (not important). 3- i know the chance of getting an enchantment book (not vanilla enchant) is ver
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  5. PugzAreLyfe


    Im back baby girls i missed yall aka oORampageOo
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  6. Skully

    Minecraft Registration

    Hi! Make a ticket on our Discord server and we can assist you further with registration. https://discord.ultranetwork.net
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  7. Hello everyone! I'm John also known as JohnnyMan06 or now known as DrizzyGobbler! I am 16 years old, I live in Florida! My favorite hobbies are gaming, bmx, coding, fitness and sleeping. x) I've been on this server since 2019! I love being apart of this amazing community! There's so many fantastic people, I am very glad I get to meet all of you! I hope you all are having an amazing day!
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  8. There are currently no plans on adding support for new languages (Arabic is also a RTL language, I'd imagine several issues would come just because of this)
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  9. Added next update
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  10. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY The Zero Tolerance Policy, or ZTP for short, has been effectively put into place to give players who have a large punishment history a final chance to prove themselves being able to behave and follow the server rules. It serves as a rule placed upon them in which if they violate any server rule, be it a minor one or not, they will be community blacklisted - this results in a permanent ban from all servers, the Discord server and forums. Any player banned under ZTP will not be allowed to return to the server. If a player is taken off ZTP, they will continue to be
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  11. xkingz

    Prison Update - Season 7

    Keep it out!!! Can wait to play again Love u daddy xD
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