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  1. Yep hope so to, just a waitin game now.
  2. Yerp, the whole pv's full of keys is irritating and like that it would never be a problem anymore.
  3. Agreed, just need more people to give their opinion on this!
  4. Would be quicker indeed, clicking minecrate or lucky 100 times or just 1 button, and it's max.
  5. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: UltraNetwork Description Hello, it may not be needed that much but I'd like to see a Android & IOS App for the phone so I do not have to go to the forums and i can get a notification when something new happens.
  6. Agreed, It does not HAVE to be like chrome fading colors, but some changed, yes.
  7. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Good day, the scoreboard has been with us for a long time and I think it could use an upgrade, I'd love to see it change and let the colors change a bit as well. Right now: Stats Balance: Tokens: Prestige: Mined: Rank: Progress /rankup Server Info Voteparty: Online: I'd love to see it changed. Example: Stats Balance: Tokens: Prestige: Mined: Rank: Server Info Voteparty: Online: Since almost everyone is rank Angel it's not needed, maybe let it say the donor rank or for regular members just Angel or Member, remove the progress because most players are angel, for those that aren't add a subtitle that says "/rankup". At the end maybe before the IP literally add "IP:". Review and comment on this suggestion to share your idea's about the scoreboard. Have a nice day.
  8. Chances are low, but we could try, since there are a lot of Arabic people out there.
  9. Like the idea but could become to OP so i guess 0-25 lvls?
  10. Yes! I like this idea! And it can be moderated and you can check the chat history.
  11. True, true, true, I mean it would be fun if it had an animation.
  12. That's why I said a new button "Claim All"
  13. Glad you liked it! What do you mean by the Lootbox in Lootbox in lootbox?
  14. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Hello again, something else I'd like to see added. Boxes! When opening a prestige key there is a Mythical chance or even lower to get a new item called Lootbox. About the item: Name: "Lootbox" Shows in chat when won: Yes/No don't mind Rarity: Mythical Or even ludicrous Amount: 1 Item ID: Enderchest Name w/ color: "&6&lL&e&lo&a&lo&6&lt&9&lb&3&lo&b&lx" When you receive this item you can place it down at your plot or in the mine (not in spawn) (unless lag) it shows an animation of the possible rewards that you can get, you will get 1 item out of it. In side of the Lootbox: 1x Sell multi 0.50 2 min 1x 10.000 Pickaxe XP 1x Pickaxe XP Multi 0.75 5 min 1x Token Multi 1.00 2.5min 1x 10T $ 1x 25T % 1x 10K Tokens 1x 25K Tokens 2x Prestige Keys 2x Lootbox 1x 50K Tokens 1x 50T (The op prices are there to keep the players entertained, so they want to get more and to prestige more and more.) Please leave feedback so we can improve this idea. Greetings: Steyn.
  15. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description I'd like to see the usage of keys to be changed a bit. About Virtual Keys. When mining you no longer will have your inventory filled up with keys, the usage of backpacks are, okay, but I'd like it to be seen in a new command "/keys". When typing this command it will bring up a HUD that displays all crates, you can open one by right-clicking and open all of them by left-clicking, you can still withdraw keys by typing "/key withdraw". You gain the normal items and keys but keys no longer go to your inventory, they will simply be stored in /keys as well. You still have keys in your inventory? Don't worry I have a solution, "/key deposit" will bring up a HUD where you can put in the keys from your inventory, and then they will be transferred to /keys. Will the rewards change? No, as long as Dead/Skully don't change the rewards of the keys they won't change. What happens to backpacks? Not sure, They could be handy for other things like books, maybe we carry to many books? Then we can store them there. I accept feedback upon this suggestion, please let me know what could be changed or if you agree or disagree. Greetings: Steyn.