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  1. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: UltraNetwork Description I suggest making monhtly events. At this moment server is plain and simple, we can change this by organizing fun and enjoyable events each month. a staff member should be given an "Event-organizer" role, this means person who has this role is required to make a couple of list of events then ask on discord which event would be the most fun to host. There is a couple of things required to do this: 1) We need a way to tag people on discord by their own choice, how can we do that you may ask? Making a role on discord called "Events" Then making a post where people can react with the certain emoji wich will give them this role. When an event is announced It Organizers should tag @Events (this is to let the community know that there will be an event held soon) 2) A discord channel to ask the community which would be the best event to host, you may ask how can we know their opinions? Simple: make a list of events Number them like this A) sumo B) Brackets C) etc... attach these emojies to the post and let the community react to the event they want Event organizers to host. 3) We would need a spare server where Event Organizers host in-game events, this server will hold requred plugins for the event, whether its sumo event or whatever. 4) Organizing karaoke events on discord, you may ask how can we do that? Making a separate voice chat on discord called "Karaoke" Also make #Event-chat on discord co why not eh? An event organizer must have a microphone to host this event, You may ask again how can we pick the winners? Simple, let the community decide by reacting on post which holds name of the participants Example : A) Alex B) Bill and etc... Top 3 winners should be given giftcarads to spend on the store 1) 20eu 2) 15eu 3) 10eu You may ask what is the point of this? It will simply make a server a better more fun and more enjoyable, its not even that hard to make these events, I've hosted couple of these events in past, if there is help needed I'm always available.