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  1. I am Patrosse_Ops. I am a member of this server since 13th of October 2020. I have an experience on Ultranetwork Survival, and currently have the most playtime on it : 50 days 3 hours 15 minutes. I have lots and lots of friends who helps me and support me whenever I have some problems. I am the owner of the land called Arctic Empire, a small growing land on this wholesome server. I like helping new members and defend unarmed players from toxic players and bad griefers. Some people call me Pat, and you can also. I have big feelings towards others on this server, I stand by them and defend there back. You can call me whenever you need me to help you against others.
  2. Me seeing the post : wat a kid, a 12 years old? Me after seeing the post was 2 years ago : Oh wait. He is the same age as mine.
  3. just remove it because it is broken as hell.
  4. No please no. I like this troll i did to like 2 people. LMAO
  5. That cooldown suggestion thing is good. As we play on survival, so many players with low Axes level are reporting and quitting, because their armor breaks when a high Axes level player attacks them with spam clicking. So if it gets nerfed a little bit and a cooldown, it would solve the problem.
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description So many players are suffering from their armor getting broken because people with high axes level are spam clicking and do 72 armor damage per hit. And to Stop this incidence from happening, you should nerf axes and make them do less armor impact damage while spam clicking and should be 1/10
  7. I KNOW I HATE TO keep searching for the item in the shop cuz there is so much junk in it
  8. The one who put the 2 shulker shells for 10,000,000 is Donate, right?
  9. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description Can you please add the ah (Auctions House).
  10. wow i hope this backup would work and hope the server would still be good