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  1. FAT -1 BECAUSE: there is barely 3 players from indonisia + like 12 from asia.
  2. you used snow right or a white block of whatever use another block like blackstone or dirt or cobblestone
  3. Hey Jeff ! If what these gentlemens told you did not work please dm me on discord Lil222#0219 i can assist you with this problem !
  4. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Name: UN Merchant or Merchant! It's an NPC located maybe in spawn or in /warp crates ! Right click on the NPC to open a an inventory , i've attached a small png as a preview from what i did on my server to test out suggestions before requesting ! By just Hovering over the Green glass it will say "Confirm Trade Click to accept the trade" "tokens count" If you hover over on the Furnace which maybe named "The UN Merchant" It will display "The Merchant will destroy your pickaxe and forge it into tokens based on the enchantments the pickaxe contains!" Numbers should be going 10k+ to any pickaxe regarding the enchants and perks etc... By hovering over the Red Glass it will display "Decline The Trade" And in the Middle is just a decoration Glass of whatever color you want just for the design to match! How it will be maybe counted: Let's say we are putting this pickaxe "Platinum Pickaxe" This would be counted as 13k-25k depending on how many tokens you've wasted on it! maybe you wasted 30k! tokens on it you would get 27k out of it by just destroying it and making it into tokens! tokens would not be in Notes they would be redeemed automatically and added to your balance Now I'm Selling this maybe This would be sold 7k-12k Since there is no tokens wasted but it's been used and it has 300 Efficiency , Unbreaking etc.. It should be balanced! Now if we are selling a pickaxe with about 3million tokens wasted on it or more like this one This would be Destroyed and forged into 2.6-2.7Million Tokens depending on the Perk Levels and Enchants !
  5. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description The new Enchantment that i'm suggesting is one named by me. (didn't get any help it's my invention) Name of the Enchantment: Purity What it does: every 5-10 minutes of active mining will temporarily increase your sell multiplier depending on the level! Costs: 250 Tokens Every Level Upgrade increases the cost by 35 or 65 tokens Max Level: 100 And You need 3 pickaxe prestiges to be able to purchase this enchantment Each Level bought will increase the Temp Multiplier by 0.001 And 1Minute+
  6. +1 -Really good idea ! but if you wanna see your best reaction status do /rstats (username) ! and for the voting part i think they wouldn't add it as it's not essential!
  7. +1 It's a Really good idea..