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  1. if this happens you just made the server better m8 hope it happens
  2. Developing an app shouldn't be a big issue for Skully , he could 100% make on for android because playstore accepts every app but appstore is very strict and appstore is for IOS.. so i'd think its a FAT NO
  3. then my bad i never knew they could do that , because no one has changed . please close this topic , I'm sorry.
  4. Hey skully thank you for your reply, that tag is personal my suggestion is about the same one in the store but Global.
  5. Yes ! i agree there should be a arabic chat since there is spanish and french chat! i there is alot of arabs in this server about 20 people in here are arabic and they speak arabic so this is gonna be epic if it gets added , let's hope it does .
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description My suggestion is: Name: Merchant Level: 50-100 What it does? : It's a very simple enchantment that I've tested in my custom server, it basically just Increases the value of blocks depending on the level. So let's say that I'm mining in a Totem Maxed Private mine or just any mine that has /items i will give my example in Totem Maxed Pmine , it does 205k each block, if my Merchant is maxed it will become 209k each block, if I'm mining in a Netherite Max Pmine (original item is
  7. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description My suggestion is : Name: Laser Level: 100-200 what does it do? : Every 3-5Minutes depending on the level, when the enchant commences it launches a line of particles and these particles can destroy blocks , so let's say you have Laser Level 50 it will destroy almost the whole line that your looking on probably 30-35blocks it will destroy, but if my Laser enchant is maxed out 100-200 levels whatever you prefer it will do 60-75 blocks depending on how you want to make it , I've teste
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description So my suggestion is basically just like Prestiges But better. Rebirths are every 150-200 Prestiges you can rebirth, when it rebirths the 200 prestiges will be forged into 1 Rebirth meaning 1 rebirth is more OP then 200-300prestige meaning you will get a better multiplier. Explanation: Let's say I Prestiged all the way to 200 I don't want to continue my prestiges and Rebirth! if i rebirth i get a additional 0.9x multiplier or a 1x (of course if it's gonna be that high of a multiplier i
  9. well yeah they can afford it otherwise there wouldn't be players with Platinum bundle & netherite rank.
  10. you should that the 0.6 multiplier is REALLY OP ... + i'd think your right large plot would be better
  11. well yeah because there is already ALOT of OP things in it that makes it overpowered, and i don't think you are even gonna use the keys.
  12. Yes, because it already is TOO OP ..
  13. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Web Store Description Well, this invention of mine could be also for All Servers, but since i can only select one, i selected the primary thing for it. This suggestion is a new bundle! a bundle better then Platinum which is the highest bundle in the Store! I think it would have a pretty good name: Palladium Palladium is better then Platinum! (Palladium is a Chemical Element found in 1802) I would make it cost about 117.99$ Or 120$ Which ever you prefer. Now what does it include? ( NOTE: These are