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  1. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Hudi_ What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hey there, so Dead told us today that AntiAFK water is finnaly allowed, I know you can't mine overnight but you can use water and that. Now my point is that it makes no sence, whatever you do - it still makes you go afk. So there's no point in allowing AntiAFK, I don't know if this is a bug or just is made that way - so I'd like an answer if it isn't a prob. Thanks, Hudi_
  2. Sounds good, but I don't agree with the fly. It's only in your island and helps out alot so makes sence, if it's OPSkyblock
  3. Hey there, I tried placing tnt to break some blocks in my base. (Wanted to make a cave base) I enabled TNT Breaking in /land. And placed a tnt block on plain normal stone/cobblestone. Lighed it up, it exploded but not a block of stone broke, I tried again, and took damage from the tnt, tried the third time, and nothing broke... Can someone help?
  4. Pretty sure this is the same in normal vanilla minecraft.
  5. True, but still less op than just auto-hosting it.
  6. Basically make the host pick eighter to give out stuff, or no.
  7. Yep, maybe make the host do the prize, so that way it's not too OP.
  8. True, or make a /perks thing for it, but make it quite expensive.
  9. Yes, I meant fun, no need for any rewards... Since it's really boring just to stand on your island and build/collect cactus :V
  10. I don't think so, because a lot of people would just spam events, maybe give it to certan people, ranks (idk. Gold, or redstone+) to tone it down justt a bit.
  11. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description So I was thinking about an event plugin being implemented, it would basically host some events at random times, or give ranks/staff team the abillity to /even host, I think this is pretty cool to add since there isn't really much to do in skyblock other than farm, so a little bit of fun would be awesome! (IL has this, if you don't know what I mean, you can check that) - [I'm sorry if this counts as advertising]
  12. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: CactusMan12 What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Another Skyblock bug, Yes!! Okay so, the island owner is ONLINE, but NOT on the Island. When you try to mine, you mine the first blocks that were leftover from the last time, as usual... But then the Next blocks that need to be made, using the lava and water just,don't get made, and water collapses and turns the lava into obsidian... Don't have the screenshots, but if you need them, I'd send them in discord to someone. P.S - Happy new year to the staff team EDIT : I've found out that this happens when the island owner is NOT online at all...
  13. @Skully he didn't respond, sorry for the ping, but can you tell him to do something?
  14. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: CactusMan12 What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Me, as well as other RANKED PLAYERS can not /tpahere or /rename (WITH COLOR) /tpahere - "Sorry Chief, you do not have permision for this command! (example) /rename &6BugReport - "no perms for format" - no capitalisation,just like that, "no perms for format" you can see in the picture below!