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  1. I agree but it should be nerfed or kept in a way where it wouldn't affect the economy too much, if that makes sense.
  2. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Pikchu came up with the idea, but I'm the one posting it for him. He came up with the idea/suggestion of making private autominer spots. Having a public autominer is cool, but just like with plot mines, it'd be nice to have your OWN autominer spot. This would work exactly like a plot mine would, meaning the sell price per block would be adjusted depending on the owner's donator rank, as well as your own multipliers from prestiging/prestiging picks being added into play. The only con about this suggestion is how overpowered it can be against the economy. However, I think it should have "slots" just like a pmine does. It shouldn't have the amount of slots a maxed plot mine would have, but I believe around 5 slots for a private autominer spot would be sufficient enough.
  3. Welcome! Enjoy our server. I hope to see you in-game sometime
  4. This isn't a bug. This is a normal thing for having multiple players on an island.
  5. Hello there Kamal! Welcome to the Ultra Network. I hope you enjoy your stay and see you in-game
  6. Welcome to Ultra Network! We've already met in-game and on discord. I hope you enjoy our server!
  7. Welcome! I hope you have a great time on here.
  8. This is not a bug. When you change your name, you are suppose to lose all of your stuff. However, if you have purchased a rank on here from our store on the previous account, you can do a rank transfer to where ONLY the donator rank gets transferred to your new account.
  9. Hello Mafia! We've already met in game but nice to see you posting on the forums as well!
  10. Welcome to Ultra Network! I hope you enjoy your time here. Cheers!
  11. The gems transfer does work, but it just doesn't show in chat or the title (the message that appears in the middle of your screen) As for the second picture about the chat colors, this is also known. I believe it will be fixed in a future prison update.
  12. As of right now, the tags system does not work for the new chat format, which you are currently using in the screenshot. If you'd like to see the tag in chat that you've received, please do /prefs in-game and make sure you have the "Old Scoreboard" enabled. This will show you the chat format that was before the prison reset happened and you will see your tag. I hope this helped!
  13. Welcome MrRedBeard. Nice to see you on the forums! I'm Skruffy and I mainly hang around prison. I hope to see you in-game soon