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  1. You start the trial as a Helper, you are closely monitored for the next week or two. This means following all of the given staff criteria and having a good level of activity. If you pass the trial you are promoted to a Moderator.
  2. Hey there, enjoy your stay on UN. If you ever need help feel free do shoot me a message!
  3. Welcome to Ultra, if you need any help feel free to dm me!
  4. Welcome to the forums, hope to see you in game!
  5. Welcome to forums, already seen ya in Prison!
  6. Enjoy your stay, and if you ever need help feel free to shoot me a message!
  7. Welcome to Ultra! If people ever give you a hard time you can always message me.
  8. Skins sometimes don't instantly change. (You can try switching your Minecraft versions) If your skin works in singleplayer, it'll eventually work on the server.
  9. This has been reported before. Still not fixed