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  1. Well, I understand your issue with the current shop system, but it was intended to be made as a decentralised economy. Eventually as people get “richer” the people auctioning things off in shop will list for a higher price. That chain repeats until new players can’t afford anything in /shop. Then there would be a server wipe; I think that’s at least how I think it works ・ω・
  2. iirc Dead ~~and Skully~~have confirmed the addition of minions in a later update edit: found the post
  3. So basically what you’re saying is that you’d buy the rank again to have it globally? It wouldn’t make much sense to have unless if it’s a one time deal and you don’t have any intention of getting Diamond+, which is already global in nature. Excluding that fact, buying that rank over is like originally buying your rank in prison then re-buying that same rank in skyblock.
  4. Well, at the start of the current skyblock season (season 2 or season 3, idr) Dead and Skully did implement Autosell signs. The problem with them is that it kind of ruins some existing metas such as pshops. If it’s introduced in what’s basically the end of the season, maybe it provides some pointers in what the next season will have. But who knows, that’s my 2 cents ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description tl;dr (to ppl who don’t care to read the whole thing) Add a way to promote user content by adding a ranking based off of /plot rate. By adding special rewards. The fun long explanation: The plugin that Prison uses for plots is called plots^2. The plugin has an inbuilt plot rating system /p rate <0-10>, so why can’t the players vote on what plot is the best for the month of (whatever month it is right now). Obviously since people will try to buy people’s ratings, there should be some measures to combat this: 1. limiting rating of plots to only one use per IP. This prevents people from rating all of their friends’ plots to 10 just because they’re friends with that user. It gives them the opportunity to properly critique other plots and give their actual vote. Or someone creating a lot of alts to rate a plot. (even though it’s already bannable to have a lot of alts anyway) 2. Plots can only win one time in a season. This is to prevent one plot from winning all of the votes and allowing other player’s builds (or whatever they have on their plot) a way to shine as well. Last but not least 3. Making rewards from each month different. It would be quite anti-climatic if a player expects something and it happens. So, to “spice things up a little”, every month should have a special reward. Here’s an example: January: 1 Ultra Key February: 1 Quadrillion March: 500k Tokens April: (Coal Voucher?) etc... of course this info above would be kept secret to only Dead and Skully since it would promote the other two limits above.
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description People usually speak english, and the auto-moderation there is pretty well done with little slips here and there (but that’s to be expected). However, in terms of the other languages (Spanish and French) it’s non-existent with people telling each other rude things and such. Just a couple minutes before I started typing this a player spammed spanish chat with `<o/` and `quien me da un pico pls` (Someone give me a pick pls). I understand the fact that it might not be as easy to implement since it’s a different chat. But please implement it so this isn’t as commonplace. Thanks, Pik
  7. That makes sense, but maybe add in a way to “fill the totem mine” maybe using around 5k tokens for 10 minutes? So that if there is no time left, it would act like Angel autominer. It would affect token economy so it would be a bit more stable (unlike recently) and it would promote being semi-active while they are afk (for putting in tokens and such)
  8. You guys like JazZ?

  9. Bruh I just messed up an fc on osu. fbm

  10. How do I breathe?

    1. xkingz


      u breathe because of ur respiration system

  11. Sometimes, it really do be like that sometimes and you just do not know why it happens. But it do.

    also merry late valentines ❤️

    1. Skruffy


      It really do be like that 

  12. Hello!, im not sure why im typing here, but i am sheep!

  13. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: PikChu What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: When you place water on a block that usually could have water in it (like stairs etc.) in 1.13, it can cause the block on top to no longer exist and be replaced with water. I demonstrated this with a crop hopper in darrel's gifv testing it on my own after the gifv was recorded, I also found that you could create floating text with this glitch/bug as well here
  14. I can confirm this to be true. @DeadMaster Edit: Also at 3:08, we found an out of bounds glitch