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  1. Yep That Color of Shulker box is Bug We also lost 2 totem kits because of that bug also diamonds and emerald blocks so just dont use it.
  2. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description Considering Skyblock Reset, Player base is Decreasing and people are bored and there is some bugs that is minor. Leave a like if You want to Skyblock Reset.
  3. What color Of Shulker Box you use? one of the shulker box is bug once you put something in it and destroyed it all items inside will disappear.
  4. Is Lvel 165K, This Includes all my items Such as Totem Pick all Good Enc hants And Xp Sword All Good Enchants.
  5. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Selling What I am Selling: Selling 12 Chunks Cactus Pillars and 1 Full chunk with 2k igs and 5k Blazes. and all items and other spawners. Payemnt Via Gcash or Ingame Money. Price Is Negotiable Msg Me in Discord ( RalfM#5955 ) Or in Game ( RalfM ). How I would like to be contacted: Discord ( RalfM#5955 ) Or Ingame ( RalfM )
  6. There is no apparent reason to remove this plugin it doesn't affect a large amount of players it's only affected you this is not a suggestion this a compliant if you don't like it don't like it ignore it.
  7. Yes Cause It Just make sense what mob should drop emerald villagers make sense cause they associated with emerald and make mending and silktouch buyable in shop something like that.
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description Hi As of now Villagers spawner are useless Right now Villagers are only useful for mending and silktouch but thats easy to get and the only way to get them is buy buying a spawn egg and make a random spawner villager spawner i suggest that Make villager drops emerald and put it in the spawnershop make it like Each Villager drop 1 to 3 emerald. (ATM emerald is not relevant cause they are rare on cobble gen to make it more interesting add Villager Spawner on Spawnershop Remove Villager SPawn egg on Shop and thats makes villager a new mob to grind.
  9. I think this is Possible It would Decreased lag spikes and bugs about hoppers and this would be so much helpful if you have a huge cactus farm like mine cause my hoppers cant keep up with the cactus production.
  10. also it doesn't condense it leaves one behind its annoying to work with when using condensed wand all ingots should turn and leave the ingots if there isn't enough to condensed.
  11. Dead also its bug it doesnt condensed all ingots example i have picture
  12. Hi Dead My chesy is Trap Chest Condensed Wand doesnt Workin on trap chest.
  13. Condensed Wand Not working again I thought it;s been fix.
  14. Is itemframe sorting not working I thought it was fix?
  15. Dead I think Mob stack damage is still a thing even the damage is half it still has a chance to kill you one shot even if you have diamond set