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  1. Hello and welcome to UltraNetwork, I have already seen you in game but I hope you enjoy the server.
  2. Serana_xo


    aww such a cute doggo
  3. Serana_xo


    I love animals of all kinds, I'm curious to see what pets do players of UltraNetwork have. If you have any pets can be anything doesn't just have to be cats or dogs, I'd love to know or see pictures of all your cute pets. I have added some pictures of some of my pets. I have 2 birds, Indiana(left) is a pineapple green cheek conure and Arizona(right) is a mint conure. I also have 2 Chihuahuas and their names are Lillie(left) and Abby(right).
  4. Can you please unmute me i wont do it again


  5. I can’t help with it, only an owner can but thankyou for reporting it.
  6. Global multis only show up on the scoreboard.
  7. Just got Redstone, need donator on forums and discord. My discord is Serana_xo#0360