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  1. I have removed the disarm ability for the next reboot
  2. Hey, if you can /trash the items. Thanks
  3. What is 'slow' about the choppers? The transfer speed? @lumiax_
  4. I'll see what I can do. If you invite others to your land you will get more chunks or by purchasing a rank in the store
  5. It's a good suggestion, although Survival is planned to remain vanilla as much as possible.
  6. Hey, I am unable to comprehend what you are trying to suggest here (or report?) if you can, make another suggestion with better detail, thanks!!
  7. I forgot about this, will work on this ASAP.
  8. To be added in the future
  9. Uh, if other people ever ask for this I'll do it but I'm assuming you've made the snow blocks as I'm a month late
  10. Survival is planned to remain vanilla as much as possible.
  11. Players must gain autominer time themselves, although, autominer time items were added