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  1. DeadMaster

    +2 Pickaxe LevelUp

    This was just a typo, you actually got two tokens - has been fixed
  2. Not a bug, that's how it is meant to be - although, in the next update luckymining and lucky were both changed
  3. This is a known bug, and can only be fixed once known how to replicate it
  4. Fixed for next reboot, thanks
  5. Unable to fix as it's pretty rare for it to occur
  6. It's a decent idea, although for plotmines it won't work out well as larger plotmines will take longer to process which will have an affect on the servers performance, maybe just for the regular mines Not a lot of people are aware of this command, especially new players
  7. Actually added for the next reboot
  8. DeadMaster


    Can you private message an owner on the discord server?
  9. It does not need a reset at the moment, if you don't like it then don't play it