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  1. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Hello everyone! I have had a small issue today, I opened a few stacks of token keys and realized my inventory was full while I did so. A very great addition to the server is /cr claim. Where it will store your rewards so you don't just lose them. However I have to click every single item manually and one by one. If there could be a claim all button here, it would be amazing!
  2. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: ItsBondie What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: At the autominer area, you can break a few blocks as a visual glitch, then when you enter the autominer area you can noclip around basically and have access to everywhere in spawn, even outside the spawn building. here's a video:
  3. I think this won't work though, you get loot depending on how many mobs you kill. I think alive time is a factor too, if they just stand still doing nothing they get less loot than the people who actually work for it.
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    That's a nice milestone to have, thanks for dropping in on the picture @_Dr_Panda

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      bro im not baby i don't speak baby language.

  7. Welcome to UltraNetwork, GamerRic!!
  8. Please make a refund request to try and get your item back, here: Also, if the player intentionally stole the item from you, you can also fill in this form: -Jen
  9. Welcome to UltraNetwork, Easypeasyfan!
  10. hi mod

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      My name is "ItsBondie" in-game, if you ever need help or anything, just message me! :)

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      ok thanks you mod

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  11. I've already met you in-game, you're amazing! Welcome to the UltraNetwork forums!!
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      I do! do you? If so, what type of music do you listen to?

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      I love music I listen to all kinds of music