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  1. kina kool but the existing chat filter counts as me asking for payment for rent of my spleef arena as begging :v
  2. iiiif u increase tick rate = more lag bc cac farms so it will buff cac more as well
  3. What Client and resource / texture packs do you like for pvp
  4. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: UltraNetwork Description Make Factions but the map is earths satellite image (e.g earth mc) with a towny plug-in and vehicles. There is no real pvp aspect in prison or skyblock so it’s kinda boring sometimes but factions would allow the people that want to pvp and raid do just that, also there is only a certain amount of time before you reach a certain level in skyblock or prison it’s just boring . A new gamemode would also attract more and different types of people to the server. I know that there was a factions gamemode before that was not very popular but now people already ask for survival and factions and other types of game modes but all the answers is ‘there used to be factions but it was shut down’. Thats why I think a new gamemode like earth factions or survival would help the server .
  5. Perhaps they could also automate this in the lobby.
  6. Yes it’s kinda a large new feature though , however since the server doesn’t give prizes it’s not free moneh
  7. That won’t change how OP the event is . the host decides
  8. Well I Guess that would depend on what u think is expensive, however i still think a cooldown is necessary other wise ppl with money could spam. It’s not that hard now that everyone has huge cactus farms to get 100m for example Still probably necessary to have cool down Sorry for bursting ur bubble , but err not many ppl would join the if there was no prizes. Maybe we could also allow players to use certain blocks so they could host on their is as well?
  9. Why.the prison economy is broken as it is
  10. If u want this why not just bring back custom drops altogether
  11. There is a cool down I think 30 seconds if u make it longer or remove it all together then how would players advertise their islands?
  12. I mean maybe we can have a cooldown rather than restricting it to higher ranks maybe like a month
  13. But why villager? Weren’t custom drops removed for a reason?i think it would be better if they increased the spawn rate of mending villagers tbh.i would use villager spawners for mending farms , but they are rare
  14. Tbh I think it should be a perk so like regular players (non admins / owners) can do this as well considering the mass majority of events are by players