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  1. Oh my good looking back at this this is so cringeeeeeeeee and also yeah my bad smh i still am bad at gramOR
  2. i'd love that too. But the plot is, This is a survival server. It was created on the basis of keeping it Vanilla - friendly! I don't think that would be a good implementation on the name of pure Minecraft. And also, as we already know, the server has been made so that almost everything is not related to p2w. And I am pretty sure /rename would also be a command only ranked players could use. So these are my suggestions. -Jeff
  3. Not the hero that we expected but the hero we need.
  4. Oi how is this post not dead yet and oh my god my grammer was horrible at that time
  5. That's a pretty good idea not gonna lie!
  6. Well, that escalated quickly. Welcome to UltraNetwork!
  7. thank you people I LIEK ICE CREAMMMMMMMMMMMM
  8. Hi guys and girls hope you all are having a wonderful day I'm Jeff, full name MehNameIsJeff. And I stand after you to introduce myself Ok so I will first start off with my stuff *What...?* I'm a ice cream poo bear lost in space and I love making friends, building stuff *even if they are idiotic* and helping others I maybe look like a tough bear but from inside I'm as soft as a ice cream cup My heart can be melted within 2 seconds but those cheaters can't huehuehue... In real life I love to have fun with playing Minecraft, spending time with my family, helping and pranking my real life friends etc. I'm 12 years old right now and I love, love, LOVE , ice cream. I'm in love with this server as well. I mostly play on Skyblock and I don't have registered in prisons server. I have a big brother who always pisses me off, steals my pocket money, put milk on my keyboard etc etc etc. And I HATE IT! Ok so enough for right now people Hope you guys and girls liked my introduction topic