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  1. No wonder I didn't see the server popping up, but hopefully the issue gets resolved.
  2. Welcome to the community and I'm a banana
  3. Welcome to the forums, Skruffy. It's always a pleasure to have new people join in on our UltraNetwork Community.
  4. It sucks that I can't mine in prison :( . Rip pickaxe. Anyways, I might upgrade from Redstone to Bedrock today or tomorrow + get +2 player slots + a small pmine :)

  5. How was everyone's Christmas? Anyone got what they wanted all year long? I know I did :D

  6. What does this mean?


    1. DeadMaster


      Whoops, sorry about that I was testing checks last night and I forgot to disable the checks after xD should be fixed now! :D

    2. BananaSlicer


      I know :D Skully already did it for me ;). Thanks anyways xD:D. Have an amazing day! 

  7. How did everyone's week went? 


  8. Hello my fellow community. How are you guys doing today? Anything new interesting happened in your lives? 

    1. Skully


      Yes my SSD arrived today and it works gr8 what about you my good sir

    2. BananaSlicer


      I am quite amazing. :D Glad to be on a server like this one :D.