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  1. Oi how is this post not dead yet and oh my god my grammer was horrible at that time
  2. That's a pretty good idea not gonna lie!
  3. Well, that escalated quickly. Welcome to UltraNetwork!
  4. thank you people I LIEK ICE CREAMMMMMMMMMMMM
  5. Hi guys and girls hope you all are having a wonderful day I'm Jeff, full name MehNameIsJeff. And I stand after you to introduce myself Ok so I will first start off with my stuff *What...?* I'm a ice cream poo bear lost in space and I love making friends, building stuff *even if they are idiotic* and helping others I maybe look like a tough bear but from inside I'm as soft as a ice cream cup My heart can be melted within 2 seconds but those cheaters can't huehuehue... In real life I love to have fun with playing Minecraft, spending time with my family, helping and pranking my real life friends etc. I'm 12 years old right now and I love, love, LOVE , ice cream. I'm in love with this server as well. I mostly play on Skyblock and I don't have registered in prisons server. I have a big brother who always pisses me off, steals my pocket money, put milk on my keyboard etc etc etc. And I HATE IT! Ok so enough for right now people Hope you guys and girls liked my introduction topic