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  1. Hello wizardhaste32, this is not the right place to create a ban appeal, click here to create a proper ban appeal. Good luck
  2. did you place a grass block near the spawner?
  3. 10/10 idea, i have alot of sell signs from old is members who are inactive and adding a way to remove the signs would be nice
  4. a new bundle would be nice ,and maybe adding bundles to sb would be a good idea
  5. this would be great on all gamemodes since alot of people have a hard time figuring out commands hopefully it gets added
  6. JakeTheMan

    Rank Tranfer

    To create a rank transfer request click HERE
  7. Yes it is possible, Scroll Down and Go to the Rank Transfer Section and create a post there or click here to create a transfer request.
  8. By staying at home because of the lockdown
  9. yeah it would be great if they did this there will be less players reporting stuff on discord and it will be more simple for the owners and players
  10. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Forums Description The user with the highest COMMUNITY REPUTATION for the month of December will get a coal voucher, players will use the forums to do player reports and other stuff to try to get reputation points This is a suggestion that would be good to encourage people to use the forums and report players here
  11. Hello, i would like to receive the donator role on forums I got it on the discord server and I am emerald on the Server
  12. its cool but i just want to reset the mine quickly and continue mining, not look at a NPC resetting a mine