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  1. ye i got 1shotted earlier as well
  2. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description I personally love using banners in my builds and they can be a really nice tool to introduce some more style in ur builds. Now i always run into the point where i have some cool designs for banners that cant be made in vanilla minecraft recipes. There is a plugin that allows u to add more layers to banners as probably almost everyone knows and i think it would be a good addition to add the use of the plugin to donator ranks. like for example from Diamond rank and up u can add 6more layers to youre banners or something like that. This would add more cool things to ranks and players can make more kinds of banners WIN WIN for everyone .
  3. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description So i was thinking it would be nice to actually give people a small reward for welcoming new players onto the server. This would introduce players to actually be active in the game and the chat. I was thinking of giving players 1 credit for using /wc for each new player that joined or if it would be possible to be abused then maybe make it so u could get maybe 10credits each day for using the /wc each day or something like that. i personally think this would help players be active in the game and a nice small reward for the players.
  4. daantje1988

    Skyblock PvP

    i play skyblock because i dont like pvp enabling pvp in skyblock would ruin the fun in it for me and i am sure for alot of others
  5. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: daantje1988 What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hey Since this afternoon after the update my enderman spawner doesnt work as it is supposed to. enderman are spawning in places they are not supposed to. to be precise normally enderman cant spawn in places where there it is less then 3 blocks high but now they do. I created my enderman farm on this knowledge and it worked before the update. edit: happens apparently to all spawners that mobs spawn in places they shouldnt be able to. Hope you guys can fix this, thanks in advance!
  6. daantje1988


    Hi I have been asking this ingame but havent gotten a answer from anyone yet so i tought i would ask here. I want my chopper to pick up mob drops but i cant figure out how to change my chopper is this function disabled on the server? thnx in advance!
  7. Hi everyone, I am Daniël(daantje1988) i am 31 years old and i am from the Netherlands. I am the 2nd youngest of 5, yeah we had a big family living with my mother and father when we were younger. I work as a male nurse in a nursing home, and in my spare time i like to go out with friends alot. I havent played minecraft in a long time, but since corona broke out here i started playing again. And i have to say i stil like it alot and this server seems great! If anyone has ever any questsions or needs help you can find me on Skyblock!
  8. daantje1988

    passing time

    Today Skyblock was down and it took quite long for the server to be fixed which ofcourse can happen and is quite understandable. But to pass time it would be great if we had a other server while we have to wait since there are plenty of players that do not enjoy prison as much, myself included. I was personally thinking of Parcoure or maybe a creative server, since this is something very casual and enjoyable for a larger group of players. Personally when i was a admin on a other server, we used to have players that liked to build and were very good at it and sometimes created things in creative that were actually used later on for the server itself. Imagine players making courses in creative to fill a parcour server! Thanks for ur time! :)