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  1. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Hifensity What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I've reported a lot of bugs, but this one is basically Chunk errors, dead has the images
  2. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Hifensity What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Not sure if it is fully considered a bug, because its fun to use. Mining summary never shows when you use a token grinder pickaxe, so you can flex big token summaries that say like 40k tokens, which I have like 7 screenshots of above 10k
  3. you gave seven levels of bombs but ok. Sounds good but I think there should be less levels, and a custom recipe to it, like level 1 be a 3 block diameter, level 2 takes 5 level ones to make and 12 diameter, and level 3 take 5 level 2s to a 48 block diameter, but each level costs like money to unlock and can only make a certain amount a day dunno if it makes sense but thats my idea
  4. you're just saying one simple things, Custom recipes it sounds interesting but if it would to be added, there would be major nerfs to it due to it being too op if it gave great items. It's a good idea, but things may be changed here and there if it'd be implemented
  5. Tag keys are gonna stay the way it is probably, due to tags being created, and everything else seems fun in its own way
  6. Idea #1: Withering Profits: *pickaxe perk* (Cannot be combined with Combustion) You can enable this by shift clicking a block with your pick, and to undo it the same 10 levels When you're mining, you can use this perk, but the duration isn't shown, so if you use it correctly, you gain 1.1x more than normal. With this comes side effects, getting too greedy results in two times the value of all money earned during the cession removed Duration can be anything, idk what it should be anyways Costs 125k tokens and prestige 2 to upgrade By level 10, time should be atleast increased by 1.5x Recharging takes 900+ times longer than usage, mainly so it cant be predicted. So every 900 minutes, if its at its most optimal value, 15 hours will lend you 1 minute of this perk, because people like Broncos can mine 15 hours straight. Idea #2: Combustion *pickaxe perk* (cannot be combined with Withering Profits) Enabled on a timer, starting from 10 minutes, lasts 6 seconds initially 5 levels While mining, it can activate and make you faster and mine an additional 2x2x2 (Essentially Rage but with height to 9x9x9), though you stop to a halt after the time is up, and teleported out of the mine, 10 blocks above it like smoke rising. Initial cost is 200k tokens then 200k x level, requires pickaxe level 150 and at least pickaxe prestige 1 every level reduces the timer by 15 seconds and increases the time duration by 1 second, ending with level 5 being 4 minute duration and 10 second usage. Idea #3: Borehole *pickaxe enchant* Grants chance to make a 5x5 hole down to the bottom of the mine 5 levels Costs 50k tokens initially and requires Excavation 4 Starts with requiring 25k blocks mined, -2.5k per level, to 15k blocks before activation Idea #4: Backpacks *addition* Backpacks should be added but with additional buffs and other normal things No level cap, or capped at some absurd level Starts with level one holding 20k blocks, 9 times bigger than an inventory Can upgrade so you earn more if not using /as. Money Bags- Makes you earn additional money when selling from backpack 250 levels starts with level 1 being 0.01% more, and costs 10k at level 1 (10k x level) Token Pouch: Selling from backpack earns tokens 5 levels Every 2.5m blocks sold, 5 extra tokens are added, because fortune 500 gives like 500 blocks, and 2.5m/500 is 5000, and exca mines 343 blocks at most. Every level upgraded means +5 extra tokens earned per 100k blocks sold, so up to 25 tokens (May be changed to initial 10, and +10 per level) costs 50k and 50t per level, and price Is multiplied by level. Idea #5: Fortune 1000+ *change* Fortune should be increased, as fortune 500 is getting more widespread and normal For the change, Nerf pickaxe prestige to give only a 0.04 multi Nerf prestige to give a .05 multi every 15 levels instead of every 10 levels. Thats about all I have for right now, I'd appreciate if you'd implemented even one of the ideas, but I know I can't decide what is added to the server or what-so-ever, but I would love for one to be added, Sincerely -Hifensity
  7. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Hifensity What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Sorry for posting two bugs continuously Simply, you can break the bedrock on a pmine wall. go to txmblr's pmine left wall about 100 blocks down to see example. its done in lc
  8. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Hifensity What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: You can get heads fast when redstone is enabled using /head in /lc and pushing them with pistons while you're placing heads front of it