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  1. If people can afford a 130$ bundle they can prob prestige 10 times for a .11 multi smh
  2. The only op thing in there is the switch from void to ender (which is $30) and its a 1 time thing.
  3. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description In skyblock and prison specially I have people who have made chest signs in my island/plot and I no-longer talk too (and I don't want to clear the plot/island) I think there should be a command/etc to remove chest signs off chests without having the other person do it. This command could only work if your the owner of the island/plot/land. (I'm not sure if this command already exists in survival or skyblock but I'm pretty sure its not in prison)
  4. For $117-120 the keys you get are pretty trash (considering what's in them)
  5. Arabic chat would be amazing
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description On prison you can change your prefix color on 60d playtime but I think they should make it that you can change it Every 60 days. I don't think this will have a big impact on the server owner's work because some people can't even get to 60d playtime only 3 people currently even have over 100d playtime. This would be good for people who changed their prefix but the color does not match and they want to change it, or people don't like their color when they first changed it.
  7. This will probably make reaction even more complicated. I see at least 2 messages a day asking `how to win reaction` and they still don't understand after being told how.
  8. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no one needs to know about that image
  9. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description I think bulk redeem should be a thing for tokens/banknotes because if people have token shops and are buying different amounts of tokens such as 100k, 50k, 10k, and 1k and someone sells them a bunch of 1k's they will be spending the next while redeeming them. And for money someone could have gotten a bunch of banknotes and will be spending the next while redeeming them as well\ Maybe shift + right click should enable bulk redeem.
  10. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Discord Description This idea is not really that hard to think off and i don't know if there already working on it or not but I think they should add a report section in #create-ticket channel on discord. I think this should be a thing because a lot of people don't know how to get to forums or use forums and in-game report only takes 1 player report at a time. Having a report section can make it easier to keep track of reports and to send screenshot poof in that channel.
  11. I think this would be a second season thing because a lot of people have already bought it in the past meaning the owners would have to go back and give them it again and it would probably take to long, and lag knowing it resets the whole mine instantly.
  12. For real tho lmfao. adding a transaction on mr would lower everyone's sum by like 1-10t depending on how much they get per second
  13. This would completely kill profit shops and break eco. I think this is good idea but maybe if you sell using a sell sign you don't get as much as selling manually or with a sell stick.
  14. most useful tip: - f3+g to show chunk border making it easier to tell were you want the items to be picked up and to tell which spots don't pickup any items.
  15. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Without a doubt I honestly think pickaxe xp multipliers and token multipliers are the easiest thing to get on prison server, I think there should be more uses for them like ability to trade them in for tokens such as if you got a 15 min .35 multi you can trade it in for 100 tokens each (you can do less) or if you have luckyblock pickaxe xp/token multi's that are random time and multi you can trade them in for random amount of tokens. You can also make it so we can trade in multi's for XP (to make people pvp more and make gsets) or get sell multi's for couple seconds.
  16. Server owners been asked to add /cf so much that he made a joke command for it (it was removed now). I think the server is to op for gambling like if someone were to gamble 50q which is probably possible it would break eco even more.
  17. Ye i was wrong cause when dead realeased the fortune thing every 100 levels (after level 1k) it auto added all the fortune that they missed.
  18. Your pickaxe was probably at a high level before dead even added the feature to gain fortune while leveling up. Or your luck sucks and fortune did not process 50% of the time.
  19. Its a good suggestion but people already mock each other in chat when they miss a reaction or misspell it. So I cant imagine what could possibly happen when there is a leaderboard for most reactions.
  20. This has been a bug for a long time. I think it should be fixed but maybe next season when every stats are reset since if they do it this season i can definitely see people making a fuss over it in chat over how scoreboard is incorrect and they have more reactions and stuff. Unless they are able to fix it without it resetting everybody's from 0.
  21. You never seen it on other servers cause 1. It is way to unnecessary 2. instead of working on unnecessary things they could work on a big update 3. It probably lag
  22. They don't have to buy it on prison. That's there for all the servers they buy coal>redstone on to tell them what it will look like and the chatcolor they unlock. If it were to be removed we would be cluelessly buying a rank without knowing what it will look like next to our name.