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  1. As mentioned above the idea does seem plausible and could be implemented but as mentioned by Reecearony1245, The 2nd and 7th enchant laser is something which is not used much as far I have noticed in most players cause the most enchant used here is liner than laser but now as we can see liner gives a much better amount of summary than that of laser. It would also be appreciated if they added more space than that of 1/7500 blocks it will be then be used most commonly by the players which could prove to be an efficient and effective for the players. A PVP even would seem appreciated and if there were rewards in it which makes the players keen and interested in the event.
  2. yeah same i agree with sirprizebeach that nowadays people are getting more than 100q so there should be a chance where they should be adding the feature of /prestigemax and as aleksaboss has said it does suck when u keep gotta keep u know repeating the same process more than a certain time so its a good feature as well to add since the rankup feature was there for uptil angel (rumax) Id suggest the same feature can be added for prestige
  3. yeah you do have a point cause many people trap them with that pumpkin while putting cursed of binding on it and its stupid no offense that deadmaster/skully has to keep responding to such tickets where they say people trapped them with curse of binding so id suggest u should have like a command or something or just remove the idea of cursed of binding like from the shop like there should be no curse of binding at all then no issues like this would happen
  4. Can i get donator rank Skully/Deadmaster i have bought so many ranks for the server im gonna buy more as well Rank : Emerald going to upgrade to void soon i have purchase ranks few days back