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  1. ive seen this in alot of other servers.
  2. just do /sell hand, if u are refering to cactus
  3. i mean in skyblock the only thing whats worth to get is dia blocks or spawners, and i don't think thats worth 100$, and prison there is a command called /lc if u get a rank for 4$.
  4. i mean a New rank would be Nice but 170 usd for eggs, not happening
  5. i'm not sure but i think New player got /fix now
  6. i mean i don't know if you can put mending on Your pickaxe in prison, but just get unbreaking 500 and it won't break, and it's not hard to just type /Fix when Your pickaxe is at a low durability, -ImInaty
  7. Next time double check when ur about to buy something
  8. Hey GamerRic Welcome to Ultranetwork if u need any help you can message me or a staff member have a good time -ImInaty
  9. I have bedrock ing and I would like to get it on the forums Ty -ImInaty
  10. Well as I see it you dont have paper in ur inventory and to get paper u need to put 3 sugar cane is a straight line at the bottom of the crafting box so I wont see this as a bug -ImInaty
  11. Hey And Welcome To UltraNetwork If You Need Any Help Msg me or another player (or staff) and remember to read the forum rules exited to meet you in game! -ImInaty