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  1. this could make skyblock broken, so i agree it need to be rare, if its added
  2. i like the idea, but i really dont need it because i take alot of time when i mine
  3. ok this just makes u lazy, but i see the point
  4. ye true it dosent make me feel to mine more when i have to watch a npc take his sweet time doing it
  5. i think its possible to have pets but they don't have any ability it would be kinda cool if they gave u a buff or something. also leveling them up so they buff u even higher
  6. a battlepass idea is just stupid ngl
  7. that would be pog but at the same time i dont like it
  8. very nice idea hope this will be a new feature on the new samsung
  9. very nice idea elon musk has something to learn right there!
  10. they should atleast add a filter
  11. ive seen this in alot of other servers.
  12. just do /sell hand, if u are refering to cactus
  13. i mean in skyblock the only thing whats worth to get is dia blocks or spawners, and i don't think thats worth 100$, and prison there is a command called /lc if u get a rank for 4$.
  14. i mean a New rank would be Nice but 170 usd for eggs, not happening
  15. i'm not sure but i think New player got /fix now