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  1. I agree this should be added I would like that so much I hope it is added it would be good it should be added I agree. Would add. Add this please it would be good.
  2. You open a crate (a lootbox) for a chance of a lootbox and in that lootbox there is a chance of a lootbox.
  3. /cr claim takes about 3 weeks to clear when you have opened a lot of crates
  4. A lootbox inside of a lootbox inside of a lootbox sounds pretty weird but I like this idea
  5. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description For each member added to an island allow +1 island warp up to 8 warps in total. So +1 warp each time someone joins until 5 members have been added. If one person leaves -1 warp.
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Prison A *purchasable (with in game money) challenge pass. This challenge pass would consist of difficult challenges that give off rewards. For example a challenge could be "get 500k blocks mined within 3 days". The reward could be something like 500t. I think this would be a good addition to the prison server because it would encourage higher rank players to continue to play the server and progress further. *This could also be something that is given to the player at a certain playtime or prestige. Like in missions you would be able to choose to enable a specific challenge and have one active challenge at a time. I would love to hear your thoughts on this suggestion.
  7. I think this is a great idea
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description As Angel mine is becoming more and more crowded I think it would be a great idea to increase the size of Angel mine.