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  1. Aight yk i decided to scrap the idea of "Galactic Minechests"
  2. one more thing to add - sire (the power to summon a minechest instantly) is 1/860
  3. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description What are Galactic Minechests? Galactic minechests take shape of an ender chest, but also 12.5x rarer than a regular minechest (but also better rewards, Luckymining increases is by 1.2x) What are the contents? Tokens (7,500-50,000) Cash (1T-5T, increases by 4% every 2 prestiges) Keys (Mythical-TokenV2 (tokenv2 is a 1/1,200 chance from galactic minechest)) Pickaxe EXP (20,000-100,000) Minebombs (T10-T25) Enchantment Books (T3-T5, Exca/LM is 1/8,000) basically i got a lot of more ideas for the galactic minechest but these should be ok for now
  4. i love the update! good to be back in 3 months
  5. have you tried discord browser? im sure if it works.
  6. This could be a possible bug, make a ticket on discord and go to #create-ticket, then click other and ask why your diamond rank is not global.
  7. need donator rank IGN: CyanBoi128 Rank: Emerald Things bought: Coal voucher, Iron voucher(s), title keys, 2 rank upgrades (1 is gold>lapis for myself, other is for my friend (Lapis>Redstone), and a title key. need it on discord too, so my tag is CyanBoi128#1650 MY MAIN GOT DECATIVATED, THE NEW TAG IS Waterzz#7239.
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description i came up with spiraling (enchant) it looks like a cone, but twirled there should be spiraling, spiraling can make spirals. level 1: very small spiral level 2: small spiral level 3: Medium spiral level 4: big spiral max level: huge spiral enchant booster will still be rage along with sphered