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  1. Hey Je, I love your general idea on the suggestion, but some things are unclear to me. Yes, this is true, but not all enchants can be as good as excavation or binate. There needs to be a balance between powerful and average enchants. Lightning is mainly good for giving you extra pickaxe XP, which in turn leads to you getting rewards from pickaxe levelup faster. This personally makes no sense to me. If you mean horizontally below the mine it would be extremely confusing to new players as they wouldn't know why they spent tokens on laser and it doesn't seem to work, this also wouldn't fix it since then your mining would be disrupted at the bottom layers of the mine. If you meant vertically below the player, then it's just like lightning and it changed nothing, don't think laser needs to be touched personally. One thing I do agree with you on is that laser is the worst enchantment option out of all. Highly expensive to max and doesn't pay off in a million years. Regarding Milestones: I don't seem to remember this feature, but if milestones are dictated by 'Blocks Mined' then it matters not if the person is AFK or not since autominer or amtt does not increase your 'Blocks Mined' stat. All in all, I do not think any of these three suggested changes should be implemented as of right now. Milestones possibly next season but currently I do not see a need for either Laser or Lightning buff since Lightning is good as it is, whereas Laser is just a bad enchant overall and I doubt anything can save it at this point. Regarding the voteparty bug, I was not even aware of it, if it actually is in the game should be fixed ASAP! Kind Regards, Pickle
  2. Hey Je I really like this suggestion. Could use tweaks and balancing here and there but the core idea is well presented. The problem is obvious and everyone is aware of it. Arena is just not worth doing at it's current state, not even for beginners. Sure they can get upwards of 60k tokens but that is extremely rare. Most of my runs I get around 20k as you stated. It definitely does not feel rewarding running around for over 20 minutes shooting mobs just to get that little in return, not to mention it gets extremely tedious and boring. I especially liked the part about random events during the arena brought out here: My main issue with arena is that it does not provide enough tokens. I usually get more on wave 5 than wave 8 or 9, even 10. With your change I am sure arena would be worthwile in the form of increased token rewards. If, however, none of your suggested changes are to be added into the game. I would like to suggest to at least add some sort of kit boosters since it is virtually impossible to play arena solo past wave 7 without running around endlessly and abusing mob AI. The kits deal too little damage, it takes over 5 archer shots to kill a mob and there is 40+ of them. Now, some could argue that arena also grants money but the amount of money is extremely low. Next, there are books of which 99% are Eff For or Unb so that aspect falls short as well. An additional idea could be to buff the chances of LuckyMining and other rare books after every boss wave. This. of course, is in addition to buffing kits since nobody is getting to wave 10 alone with current ones. To sum it up, overall an incredible suggestion that I would personally, as well as many players I reckon, like to see realized and implemented. Arena is an amazing feature on the server and I would like to see some more light shed on it and more work put towards improving the arena experience. Kind Regards, Pickle
  3. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Hello everyone, Pickle here As most of you know, there is not a lot of PvP going on in the Prison server at the moment. However, there is a small, dedicated community of players who engage in PvP on a daily basis and are heavily restrained by the fact that they can only fix their armor on anvils, but due to the way Minecraft works that cannot be done infinitely. One could argue that they could just use Starter kit to PvP but then ranked players would have literally 0 use from their armor. As things are now, all of the armor kits are single-use since they cannot be repaired after some time. That would mean that, an Ender kit for example, which has a cooldown of 7 days would only be good for a day or two before being unable to be fixed on an anvil. All in all I do believe that adding /fix all would be a good QoL change for the small but dedicated PvP community on the Prison server. It does not have to be free for everyone, it can be just for ranked players, but the community is very small and therefore I feel like it should be accessible to everyone. If You are unable to add the /fix all command, would it at least be possible to remove the Minecraft's built-in cap of repairing items on anvils? Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Pickle
  4. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Hello everyone, Pickle here This suggestion is a minor change, but in my opinion will have a positive impact towards improving and optimizing the experience on the server. If you like it please leave a reaction as it helps gain traction and attention on the post. This suggestion brings forward two things: adding a 'Sort by AutoMiner Time' button adding an 'Exchange All' button within the GUI Now, just to remind yourself, you can check the current layout of /claim here. Now, while I do agree that filling the two empty slots in the bottom row would ruin the overall appearance of the GUI, I would much rather, personally, have functionality over appearance. After talking to several players and surveying some, I have found that a lot of them do not empty their /claim because it is too tedious, it takes a painfully long time to /claim all and /exchange all and then after you do that twice you are left with AutoMiner time shards in your inventory which need to be used or stored and that cycle continues for ages. This might seem like nonsense to newer players, but keep in mind that players, like myself, usually have dozens of pages of /claim (I am currently on 40+ even after emptying a lot). I assume the way that the current system works is that it sorts items by the type of the item, rather than the name, which would mean my suggestion would also require a change of texture for AutoMiner Time. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I believe that adding the suggested functionalities would be extremely beneficial, especially with the upcoming change of withdrawing AutoMiner time. My vision is that the players could simply sort their /claim by AutoMiner time and press the claim all button. Then, the time would be added to their account in the same fashion as Tokens and Money are added, directly into the account, rather than being sent to the inventory for manual claiming. After that, the players could simply press the 'Exchange All' button in the GUI and all of the Token and Pickaxe multipliers would be converted into tokens and added to the players' balance. Note that the 'Exchange All' button would preferably only exchange the current page of claim and then move onto the next, that way players could regulate how many pages of multipliers they want to exchange. Bear in mind, I am only talking about multipliers and AutoMiner Time since all of the other items already have a button for sorting. To conclude this suggestion, I truly do believe that my suggestion brings forward a welcome and positive change that a lot of players could benefit from. Not only does it save a massive amount of time, but it sets a foundation for the supposed upcoming change of withdrawing AutoMiner time. If you have reached this point of the suggestion, thank you for taking your time to read through this.
  5. Hello Panchoud, This is the whole point. If you are not able to purchase Netherite right away, the server gives you an opportunity to do so in minor steps. Now, the total amount of money required if you go rank by rank from Coal to Netherite is roughly $304 whereas the Netherite rank itself is roughly $200 which means the price increase is about 50%. In my opinion this is completely fine since you can go from Coal to Netherite slowly over a period of months or even years if you prefer to do so. It is logical, at least to me, to have an increase in price when going step by step. Now, this: This is essentially senseless to me as it is pretty much exactly the same thing as your first suggestion, except now you are not saying 'make the in-between costs proportional' but 'let me buy rank upgrades when the price is finally proportional'. The difference in price of Lapis($21.29) and Emerald($49.99) is $28.7, whereas going Lapis > Redstone > Diamond > Emerald is $38.22. That is <50% increase of the price that your suggestion would bring which, I will say it again, to me makes perfect sense since you are able to upgrade over longer periods of time. Now, to conclude this reply. The Coal>Netherite price being 304$ means that if you span it over 24 months, assuming that you will stay for 24 months if you are already investing money into the server, totals up do $12.67 a month (essentially the price of Netflix premium plan). This is only for Netherite though, for any other rank, such as Totem, the montly price is significantly lower($9.54 for Totem). Keeping all of this in mind, personally, I must disagree with your suggestion.
  6. Hey Zeus, I can understand your frustration with Unidentified Books, but that frustration is kinda the point of the books. If there was a high chance of getting good stuff they wouldn't be as valuable as they are. The entire concept is that it is difficult to obtain the best stuff. Furthermore, people like gamesense or Dev1002 purchase Unidentified Books for 200T each, so I wouldn't exactly call them trash. I do not see why you would trade something that valuable for "even 100 tokens". Therefore, I must disagree with your suggestion.
  7. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TickleMyPickle What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Wouldn't call this a bug exactly. It's simply an error in spelling. https://prnt.sc/1wpo3lf In the efficiency description it says "affect" for the last word when it should say "effect". Nothing important, it just bugged me enough to submit a ticket for it.
  8. Greetings, While I do agree with you that in the beginning prestiging might feel a bit underwhelming and unrewarding, it is a system implemented for long-term gains. You are not meant to instantly get high prestige levels and all the benefits alongside it. Plus, the first time you prestige you get the 2nd best pickaxe in the game currently as well as a prestige key every time you prestige. You can easily sell those for 30T each at the moment, instantly gaining back some of the money, Therefore, in this case I have to disagree with you.
  9. Hello Rae! I think your suggestion does not make sense. If coal rank prices were to be increased, nobody would have to work to get better. Everyone could just pay 5 dollars to get an immense boost to sell prices. Prison mines are balanced enough with the current state of things. UltraNetwork is not a P2W server and never will be.
  10. I am quite aware of this fact. But there is almost always a solution that will not have bad consequences, which, your ticket is not. At least in my opinion. The server has a proxy blocker so this is extremely rare. It is a survival server, even if you add 2 chunk block area players would still put lava and walls around those 2 chunks. This would literally change nothing except, in your words, "make the griefing to be less efficient in time and labor". The time difference this would make is completely insignificant. Adding the border will not make it less fun, if anything it would make it more enjoyable and exciting for the griefer as they notice that it would be harder than they originally imagined. This would work like that only in the most ideal of cases. Which are extremely rare and should not be taken into consideration as such. No player would get "less enjoyment" from simply having to overcome a 2 chunk barrier. As an experienced Survival player I can tell u that I personally made lava ditches even on distances of 40-50 blocks. Ultranetwork is mostly a very friendly place with an amazing, developed community and griefing is extremely rare. And if griefing does happen, it is most likely because the two lands are at war or the members have some communication issues. Adding the extra untouchable chunks on the outskirts would just make it more difficult for friendly players to have fun together, as people tend to visit others and help them around their base. Side note: you do not have to tag me for me to see what you wrote. I am following Suggestions actively. If I do not respond to a post/comment I either think there is no point in continuing the discussion, or I feel like I have nothing to add to it.
  11. Greetings DezS! This suggestion, for me personally, does not make sense for me at all. There are already multiple anti-griefing features on the server, such as: "Allow pistons from wilderness" "Fire spread" "TNT griefing" "Allow water from wilderness" All of these can be accessed from the /l menu. Furthermore, players cannot claim land closer than 4 chunks away from another claimed chunk. Even if your suggestion was to go through, people who want to grief would still find a way to do it. TL;DR Do not teleport players you do not trust next to your base. Most of the griefs on the server happen because players randomly teleport each other around and they /sehome outside bases and troll them.
  12. Hello Rae! Although it might seem annoying to you, it is very helpful for new players that are not familiar with voting and voting rewards. If you want to remove the add it is enough to only vote once, you do not have to vote on all links. (As far as I know.)
  13. Hello Sirprize! No, the axes are not broken, you just get a massive bonus to armor damage once you levelup your axes. You also get a certain percentage of critical strike chance even without jumping. That is just how mcmmo works.
  14. Hey gamerboy! I removed my comment as I saw I was wrong. I thought you were referring to the Survival server. My apologies.
  15. Hello gamerboy! I do not understand what it is exactly you are trying to achieve. As a Prison player myself, never have I found myself in a situation where I wished I had more speed. The /fly command is more than enough for all types of mining. Regarding the jump and haste, extra jump boost is completely non-essential. As for the haste, you gain compensation in the form of pickaxe xp boosters, token xp boosters, etc.