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  1. Hello Rae! I think your suggestion does not make sense. If coal rank prices were to be increased, nobody would have to work to get better. Everyone could just pay 5 dollars to get an immense boost to sell prices. Prison mines are balanced enough with the current state of things. UltraNetwork is not a P2W server and never will be.
  2. I am quite aware of this fact. But there is almost always a solution that will not have bad consequences, which, your ticket is not. At least in my opinion. The server has a proxy blocker so this is extremely rare. It is a survival server, even if you add 2 chunk block area players would still put lava and walls around those 2 chunks. This would literally change nothing except, in your words, "make the griefing to be less efficient in time and labor". The time difference this would make is completely insignificant. Adding the border will not make it less fun, if anything it would make it more enjoyable and exciting for the griefer as they notice that it would be harder than they originally imagined. This would work like that only in the most ideal of cases. Which are extremely rare and should not be taken into consideration as such. No player would get "less enjoyment" from simply having to overcome a 2 chunk barrier. As an experienced Survival player I can tell u that I personally made lava ditches even on distances of 40-50 blocks. Ultranetwork is mostly a very friendly place with an amazing, developed community and griefing is extremely rare. And if griefing does happen, it is most likely because the two lands are at war or the members have some communication issues. Adding the extra untouchable chunks on the outskirts would just make it more difficult for friendly players to have fun together, as people tend to visit others and help them around their base. Side note: you do not have to tag me for me to see what you wrote. I am following Suggestions actively. If I do not respond to a post/comment I either think there is no point in continuing the discussion, or I feel like I have nothing to add to it.
  3. Greetings DezS! This suggestion, for me personally, does not make sense for me at all. There are already multiple anti-griefing features on the server, such as: "Allow pistons from wilderness" "Fire spread" "TNT griefing" "Allow water from wilderness" All of these can be accessed from the /l menu. Furthermore, players cannot claim land closer than 4 chunks away from another claimed chunk. Even if your suggestion was to go through, people who want to grief would still find a way to do it. TL;DR Do not teleport players you do not trust next to your base. Most of the griefs on the server happen because players randomly teleport each other around and they /sehome outside bases and troll them.
  4. Hello Rae! Although it might seem annoying to you, it is very helpful for new players that are not familiar with voting and voting rewards. If you want to remove the add it is enough to only vote once, you do not have to vote on all links. (As far as I know.)
  5. Hello Sirprize! No, the axes are not broken, you just get a massive bonus to armor damage once you levelup your axes. You also get a certain percentage of critical strike chance even without jumping. That is just how mcmmo works.
  6. Hey gamerboy! I removed my comment as I saw I was wrong. I thought you were referring to the Survival server. My apologies.
  7. Hello gamerboy! I do not understand what it is exactly you are trying to achieve. As a Prison player myself, never have I found myself in a situation where I wished I had more speed. The /fly command is more than enough for all types of mining. Regarding the jump and haste, extra jump boost is completely non-essential. As for the haste, you gain compensation in the form of pickaxe xp boosters, token xp boosters, etc.
  8. Hello lukas! I would have to say I disagree with this suggestion. I feel as if it would take too much work to accomplish what you suggested, yet it would yield petty results. If someone is in need of an item or items, they are more than welcome to ask in chat. Furthermore, if players feel like the chat is too fast, nobody prevents you from messaging a player via /msg. That way you will peek the players interest more than if you just said "I need this/that" in chat, meaning you have a higher probability of obtaining what you need. I can personally say that messaging players WILL be effective as I am an enchanted book merchant on the server and players message me all the time with books they need. It makes it easier for both me and them. Moral of my reply: just find somebody to buy what you need from. It will not take that long.
  9. Hey lukas! I do agree that members need more chunks, but not in the way you suggested. Instead of Members gaining personal extra chunks, it would possibly be a good idea to grant your land with extra chunks, just like players with certain ranks grant upon joining a land. E.g. Players grant +1 max chunk claims to his/her land per every 55 hours of playtime That way, if you have a friend who has 55 hours of playtime and they join your land, you get another chunk claim from them. I disagree with the idea of gaining chunks through mcmmo or money. Reason being that it is too easy to grind/obtain.
  10. Hello Leb! It has just been established that Member rank was supposed to have 2 homes from the start, there was just an issue that made it so they only had 1 home. I would also like to say that I disagree with the suggestion. A lot of players are making suggestions improving different aspects of Survival, just like yourself. However, if your suggestion was to be implemented it would ruin the integrity of Survival. The server is not Factions. Players are not meant to move spawners, even with the 1 spawner per person limit it would completely ruin the feel and immersion of Survival.
  11. Hello mich! Although I like your suggestion and enjoy colour-coded items myself, I believe changes like these ruin the vanilla feel of survival. Maybe it is just me. I just feel like this would damage the vibe of the server. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  12. This is a great suggestion, I would personally like to merge this point with the point you made in Article "2) Improve /missions" It would be an interesting idea to have a "Main Questline" for players to complete, after which they swap to the current missions system. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This seems quite empty, there is nothing to just summoning in 5 dragons. Also, the server is kept as vanilla as possible so events in general do not really make sense. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personally, I do not think this is a good idea because it is important to keep the feeling of Survival among players. If u were able to teleport to other bases, it would damage the integrity of Survival. If you want to visit someones base you can always teleport to the player via the /tpa command. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not agree with this input either. Again, You mention Skyblock. It is imporant to note that this is Survival, not Factions or Skyblock. In my personal opinion, /shop command is good enough. Items in Survival are not meant to be as simple to access as warping to someones base and purchasing what you need. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This suggestion, however, I do like. I like it very much. Especially the "Bonus idea" part. It would also be amazing if people could duel for fun in a separate arena to test their might and equipment! Hopefully you learned a bit more from my insight. I would like to note that all of these are my personal opinions and do not have to be correct in any way, shape or form. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  13. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description INTRODUCTION Greetings fellow players! I am writing this suggestion in order to support F2P (free to play) players and players who do not have the possibility to buy a rank. Over the past few days I have talked to multiple players and reached out for numerous different opinions on this topic and I believe I am finally able to formulate a valid suggestion. I am currently a void rank with access to 11 homes. That is an incredible number, but it never seems to be enough, so I can only imagine how F2P players feel. Homes are not just important for overworld. Since End was just introduced, non-ranked players are having the most terrible of times reaching The End and returning back to it. The only way they could do it easily is either claim around a Stronghold, which is not really nice, or have a home next to the portal, effectively leaving them without an available home. However, his change is not meant for Member exclusively. My suggestion would positively affect all ranks up until Lapis. Here is a list of ranks and how many homes each rank gets: Member - 1 Coal - 2 Iron - 3 Gold - 4 Lapis - 6 Redstone - 7 Diamond - 8 Emerald - 9 Bedrock - 10 Void - 11 Ender - 12 Elytra - 13 Totem - 14 Netherite - 15 During my research for this ticket I found an interesting thing worth noting that I colour-coded in the list above. First of all, after purchasing a rank in-game, the player receives additional homes (along with other benefits). It starts with Coal, which gets 2 homes. The following is Iron with 3, then Gold with 4. However, when transitioning from Gold to Lapis, the number of homes goes from 4 to 6. There is no rank with 5 homes. Having noticed that, I immediately came to an idea. CORE OF THE SUGGESTION My suggestion is that all ranks below Lapis (including Member), receive a positive change in the number of homes. That way, members will have 2 homes, which allows them to rise up more easily and leaves a lot more maneuverability room for them to enjoy Survival to its fullest. After the change, the list of ranks would look like this: Member - 2 Coal - 3 Iron - 4 Gold - 5 Lapis - 6 Redstone - 7 Diamond - 8 Emerald - 9 Bedrock - 10 Void - 11 Ender - 12 Elytra - 13 Totem - 14 Netherite - 15 Of course, one could argue that this way nobody is left with only 1 home, but in my opinion, that is amazing. If this change was to be implemented, this would affect ranks below Lapis in a positive and uplifting way as well as getting rid of the "5 home gap". CONCLUSION I believe that this is quite a good change due to the fact that it does not negatively affect any player. It only has positive outcomes for a specific group of players, as well as increasing the initiative for Members to purchase ranks from the UN store, as it provides an ever so slight bonus of 1 home for all ranks up until Lapis. Thank you to everyone who read this suggestion. If you liked it please react to it to show your support for my idea. Kind Regards, your friend and fellow player TickleMyPickle
  14. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TickleMyPickle What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: The chat color disappears if bold text is used when it switches to a new line
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