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  1. i guess this is a better explaination for why looting enchant doesnt work. i will just explain it here so the other players that dont know about it yet would know the reasons why it doesnt work. right now drop rates are now based on Tiers so if you have a Tier 1 spawner the drop rate/amount is only 1. and every tier it increases the total of drop rate/amount by 1 and on a Tier 4 / Tier 5 spawner these two can drop items between 2 > 4 for Tier 4 and 2 > 5 for Tier 5 so basically adding looting to swords or enabling the enchantment for the public to use it. is just a bad idea and will ruin the concept of Tiered spawners drop rate/amount. about the mending book i will just say it here too even though we are not talking about it. people are also probablly wondering if it doesnt work or not. and here is the answer to that. no. mending will also not work and you have to bare with using /repair costing exp levels everytime you repair an item (it increases by 1 level upto 35 exp levels.) we cant really put it up to dead or skully banning the players who would break the rules. its only him and skully are the current staff members at the moment on ultranetwork. they have things to do too. such as developing the server for the community. helping out players that are experiencing problems in the server. fixing bugs and many more. and if a player decided to break the rules without anyone seeing them doing it. such as locking their island to dupe items. it would be too late for us to report them. and before we even know it. the damage had been done already. same thing goes to afk miners. all they have to do is to know the schedule of dead and skully and they can abuse it daily.
  2. The custom enchantments in monthly crates. Id suggest if it comes to dead adding them on monthly crates, he should atleast lower the chances of getting it or making the chances atleast not too common. have you seen the monthly crates in prison? because if you compare the rewards that i suggested that the monthly crates should have in skyblock to prison's monthly crates they were almost the same. even the excavation/liner/luckymining/clone book is possible to get there. these are considered as a really good enchant. id say its fair to also include 4 of the best enchants in skyblock which are the ones that i listed and should have a maximum of 2 more levels unlike the ones in prison. +50 hopper limits per 10mil island levels thats actually a great idea by dead, making island levels more enjoyable to grind. The looting on swords was already been decided since day 1. The reason why its disabled is to follow the order of T1 > T5 drop rates/amounts because of that adding looting on a kit/item wont happen. For the Fortune 15 Enchantment Level is way too OP specially for the people who love to afk mine when a staff is not around. an hour with a fortune 10 + veinminer 4 or higher is already considered TOO OP now imagine with FORTUNE 15 i also had that idea in mind but when i came to imagine having a FORTUNE 15 + Veinminer is just too overkill. then i said to myself, yeah its not a great idea so might aswell lower it to 12. The custom enchants in bundles are there to make it unique i would suggest dead to not add Custom Enchants on Bronze & Titanium bundle except Platinum Bundle. and about the keys you get from the bundles. its way too hard to earn keys in game right now. I would agree its way too many but not way too OP. if there's an easy way to get common keys and legendary keys atleast a FEW keys on bundles would be nice. the easiest one to get rn is RARE which doesnt make it so RARE because COMMON keys are way too hard to earn than RARE keys which doesnt even make sense if you think about it. Possible ways to obtain the following keys: Common Keys - Other crates / Vote party Rare Keys - Other crates / Vote Party / Chat Reaction Legendary Keys - Other crates / Vote Party
  3. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description I came up with this suggestion because the community frequently bring up the topics about Bundles/Monthly Crates coming to Skyblock. as Dead_Master is currently considering adding them to skyblock, im here to give out some ideas on what contents should Skyblock Bundles/Monhtly Crates have. --- Monthly Crates --- - 5x T5 Unidentified Spawners - Credits (voucher? maybe a credits voucher that gives you around 1K - 3K credits.) - 10 Seconds/Blocks Spawner Delay/Range - 2x Unidentified Wands (1K - 3K Uses) - Coal Rank Voucher - 2x /itemshop reset - +1 Inquisitive Level (max level 7) - +1 Slaughter Level (max level 7) - +1 Veinminer Level (max level 7) - +1 Experience Level (max level 7) - Custom Tag (personal) - Custom Prefix (Seasonal) - 2x Monthly Keys - +100x (island hopper limit, max 1,000x) - Unli Unidentified wands Bronze (same cooldown with Bronze bundle in /prison): - Same Vouchers u get from Bronze bundle on /prison - 64x Common Keys - 32x Rare Keys - 8x Legendary Keys - 3x Tier 3 Unidentified Spawner - /daily (instead of just 5 credits it will be 10, wont stack with other bundles.) - /chatcolor (access to all chat colors) - Personal Tag "Bronze" - Personal Title "Bronze" For the Bronze kit: - Helmet Enchantment Level: 7 - Chestplate Enchantment Level: 7 - Leggings Enchantment Level: 7 - Boots Enchantment Level: 7 - Sword Enchantment Level: 7 - Tools Enchantment (pickaxe/axe/shovel/hoe): 7 Titanium (same cooldown with Titanium bundle in /prison): - Same Vouchers u get from Titanium bundle on /prison - 128x Common Keys - 64x Rare Keys - 16x Legendary Keys - 500 Credits (personally 500 for me is fair.) - 3x Tier 4 Unidentified Spawner - 1x /itemshop reset - /repair (-5 exp required so instead of 35 levels.. it will be 30 levels for Titantium Bundle, wont stack with other bundles.) - /daily (instead of just 5 credits it will be 15, wont stack with other bundles.) - /nick (with colors) - /rename (with colors) - Personal Tag "Titanium" - Personal Title "Titanium" For the Titanium kit: - Helmet Enchantment Level: 10 - Chestplate Enchantment Level: 10 - Leggings Enchantment Level: 10 - Boots Enchantment Level: 10 - Sword Enchantment Level: 10 - Tools Enchantment (pickaxe/axe/shovel/hoe): 10 Platinum (same cooldown with Platinum bundle in /prison): - Same Vouchers u get from Platinum bundle on /prison - 128x Rare Keys - 32x Legendary Keys - 3x Title Keys - 1K Credits (personally 1K for me is fair.) - 3K Uses (Sell/Condense/Harvest Wands) - 5x Tier 5 Unidentified Spawner - 3x /itemshop reset - /repair (-15 exp required so instead of 35 levels.. it will be 20 levels for Platinum Bundle, wont stack with other bundles.) - /daily (instead of just 5 credits it will be 25, wont stack with other bundles.) - Personal Tag "Platinum" - Personal Title "Platinum" For the Platinum kit: - Helmet Enchantment Level: 12 - Chestplate Enchantment Level: 12 - Leggings Enchantment Level: 12 - Boots Enchantment Level: 12 - Sword Enchantment Level: 12 - Tools Enchantment (pickaxe/axe/shovel/hoe): 12 I hope the community helps me out on this suggestion, as its lacking more cool ideas on what stuff Dead should add on Bundles and Monhtly Crates. -STOK3D
  4. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: trading 3Q at prison if you're interested DM me at discord, TRADING THE 3Q FOR MONEY AT SKYBLOCK DM ME YOUR OFFER ! IGN: STOK3D DISCORD TAG: STOK3D#4612 How I would like to be contacted: YES, ON DISCORD DISCORD TAG:STOK3D#4612
  6. hallo adri we met at forums lmao
  7. coal rank i need discord and forum donator tag pls Discord : STOK3D forums : STOK3Y