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Please read the whole topic before asking us any questions.

Hey all, 

This update will have some bugs created, any bugs created please make sure to report them here, if you do have any questions please make sure to ask in our live support chat (

NOTE - As this is a fairly new update anything can change anything, any big changes will be announced on our discord!


  • Issues with playervault voucher
  • Issues with /te refund <enchant> always getting a 100% refund instead of a 60% refund
  • Issues with BetterSell (No, this enchant will not be worked on frequently)
  • 90% Issues causing server lag (Yes, the server will still lag when there's a lot of people online.)


  • Able to refund multiple explosive levels at once (/te refund explosive, or /refundexplosive) GUI
  • Able to purchase global boosters to the store (May change at any time soon, including the price!)
  • Able to purchase pickaxes & tokens in the store
  • Able to purchase "Purple" chatcolor @ /warp moneycommands
  • Daily Rewards - /warp daily
  • Mines now reset by layer as mines resetting was our #1 cause of lag
  • Redstone and above now have access to /lc creative (Limited Creative)
  • Improved the tablist
  • Improved AntiCheat
  • Improved PrisonGuard


  • +1 PlotMine Slot from store
  • Disk enchantment (Refunds for the enchant is only available for another 48 hours)
  • x2 Voting rewards
  • Registered & Online from scoreboard (Online players can be viewed on the tab list)
  • AutoBroadcast
  • Recieve message for tokens

Tokens - NEW Enchantments + Item Shop

Yes, our very old enchants "Excavation & Sphered" are back, no they are fully re-made to not be crazy as it was before.

If the enchants work fine we will buff (Add more levels) to the enchants, after a few hours after the release the enchants will obviously be changed around.

Will this cause lag? Depends, if I was to guess I'd say no.

Now the Item Shop: As you know item shop had been released! Here are some screenshots to summarize the gui/menu (Login the server to view all details!)

Able to upgrade fortune too! In /tokens.





Prestiges - 100 Prestiges + MORE

  • Prestiging bugs fixed
  • Prestiging no longer takes away money
  • Prestiging no longer gives you a multiplier right after prestige
  • Prestiging now has a better broadcast message + on-screen message
  • Prestiging now shows on discord (#prison-chat)
  • Now a total of 100 prestiges!


MineCrates have been completely remade all changes can be found here!

UPDATE: Does not seem to be working correctly, the minecrates you've always experienced are still there. Will be updated within 5 hours.

Edit: Has been released.


  • Fixed able to get items from /shop
  • Fixed issues with AutoSell
  • Fixed issues chunk rendering
  • Removed double voting
  • Added upgradeable hoppers (Better than /chopper)
  • Added merging spawners + upgradeable spawners (Must replace your spawners for them to merge!)
  • Added hoppers to /shop (Soon!)



Let us know what you think we should improve!

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