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  1. hey and welcome to the server my name zil and i love minecraft!!!! i dont rly want to eat u haha but ty for offer
  2. thats a very nice island enjoy playing on THE BEST MINECRAFT SERVER!!
  3. ughhh 😓 its finally SUMMER 😜 holidays.. so tired 😩 from school 🤓 5th grade is HARD AF 😖

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    2. Zil


      add it back or ur getting the 46 bop combo 😡🤜💂‍♂️

    3. pat


      ughhh 😓 its finally SUMMER 😜 holidays.. so tired 😩 from school 🤓 5th grade is HARD AF 😖

    4. Skully


      right dont u start

  4. Omg thats so cool that oyu have a red beard at 15 XD
  5. hey! ! Lol. welcome to the UN . pleases grab your diplomatic plates and passss(word)port (Xd) at the receptionist
  6. finally christmas holidays.. so tired .. 5th grade is real hard guyz 😫

  7. Zil

    i want-

    hey I see you are looking for friends . . In case you haven't gotten manny ofer(s) I can send my curriculum vitae if you wish .. . but nonethelss, welcome to server!!! and happy holidays please message me on discord Skully#8379 always rdy for a chat (:) (thats a smiley face )
  8. 6th grade is hard..... feels like im in college......

    1. Skully


      sad.........best of lcuk....

    2. arvidghost


      :D Best of luck, but Uni will be harder :3

    3. Star_WarsFan


      Lol wait till high school 😐

  9. Just wanted to say good morning to everyone

    God bless 

  10. Hi, I joost read youu poost and liki veri machi.
  11. Zil

    Hey guys!

    It is very possible, here is a bit of a more recent picture done from another angle:
  12. Hi everyone, my name is Zil and I would like to introduce myself. I've been an on-and-off player on UltraNetwork since 2017 and I have enjoyed my stay here very much. I just realized I never formally introduced myself. So why not get started with a picture of myself? Sorry for the bad quality! This was taken a few months ago on a bad camera. So hello!
  13. burping is quite offensive guys please refrain from using that word here, it is a christian server after all. welcome to my server man @Zisha
  14. Great update looks like fun! Next update should be the biggest one with a huge DP. I'm not saying i'm, the only one there are lots other people that want that too
  15. hey guys i'd just like to say that i appreciate all of you for all the hard work you're doing in this correctional institution, this being a prison (server) i feel like we should let more people out on parole, opinions? :thinking:

    1. Skully


      vvery great idea i agree ?

    2. Kayou


      hov do yu agree!

    3. Zil



      haha no wtf r u guys all high











  16. hey man and welcome to ultra NETWORK the best NETWORK in the whole network my man
  17. amazing update guys @DeadMaster @Skully @SkullyTest
  18. ImZil, I need the forum donator group, please. Thanks friend, sincerely, me