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  1. shut your up th e mouth you stole my "no anime" profile pic
  2. How am I not gonna be sure? It's us two working on it.
  3. what nobody knows is that me and jfef 1.0 are working on how to invent cold fusion
  4. Ah yes, another introduction. I've decided to make another one about myself since everyone's doing it. We'll just keep it short and simple. My IGN is Kayou, Discord is Kayou#6757. I've been playing Minecraft since early 2013. And no, JNTZ, I haven't joined Ultra a few months ago. I've joined over a year ago. (Joined 04/28/2017) I've recently resigned because I didn't find Minecraft that interesting anymore and since everyone was looking into the newer staff members, there was nothing *I* could do as a staff member. Anyway, I play other games like And that's pretty much all I have to say. If you need help with anything ingame, message me on discord. Kayou#6757
  5. you joined the forums on my grandma's birthday lmaoimage.png.9a9e635fcf69c763cd86f52e1fedcc67.png

    1. Baconarie


      Wow amazingly fabulously splendid

    2. Kayou
  6. Welcome to the server, and burp
  7. Alternative accounts are not allowed. Also, you were banned for exploiting
  8. Welcome to UltraNetwork, Aiwendility! We hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. Welcome to UltraNetwork, Slicedlime!
  10. Welcome! I also realize your name spelled backwards is 'Murder'
  11. I'm probably the only one who will comment about this but damn, the effort put into this post Glad that SkyBlock is finally out! Also, Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates!
  12. Nice to meet you,ItzLightLord! Enjoy your stay at UltraNetwork! ^^
  13. if i dont talk about it then how tf am i lying about it?
  14. Hello I'm Kayou/Neki.my discord is kayou / jahimur#6757 so if you need any help,feel free to message me My real name is Tarik.(It's a Bosnian name).I'm from ...ENGLAND IS MY CITY,but I live in NY.I've been mod on this server since the 3rd day You can say I'm one of the ''day one'' players,since I used to play on Dead's old server(and I was mod on there too!) and I was one of the first people to know that his old server was shutting down and that he was making a spin-off of that server named UltraNetwork.Also,I know why he named it that.The server is called ''UltraNetwork'',because of our first donator(old server)named DrunkUltra(or back then,UltraEdits.).I don't really like games other than Minecraft,GTA 5,BF,CSGO,Would You Rather?(either.io).(I just downloaded Roblox..gonna try it out)My favorite board game is "Family Feud! 6th Edition" and what I like to do with it,is whenever I dont get a question wrong,I have to take a bean-boozled jelly bean and eat it! -- If you don't know what bean-boozled jelly beans are,I'm gonna tell ya.They're Jelly Beans.They come in different colors and flavors.One color has two flavors.One is delicious and the other is gross.ex:Green = Lime,or Lawn clippings... Peach,or Booger... Well yeah,that's what they are pretty much.My favorite MC gamemode is souppvp.Second favorite is OPPrison I'm Kayou. thankyouforreadingthisihopeyouacceptmyappli--nevermind.