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    screw skype, my discord is Kayou#6757

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  1. shut your up th e mouth you stole my "no anime" profile pic
  2. How am I not gonna be sure? It's us two working on it.
  3. what nobody knows is that me and jfef 1.0 are working on how to invent cold fusion
  4. Ah yes, another introduction. I've decided to make another one about myself since everyone's doing it. We'll just keep it short and simple. My IGN is Kayou, Discord is Kayou#6757. I've been playing Minecraft since early 2013. And no, JNTZ, I haven't joined Ultra a few months ago. I've joined over a year ago. (Joined 04/28/2017) I've recently resigned because I didn't find Minecraft that interesting anymore and since everyone was looking into the newer staff members, there was nothing *I* could do as a staff member. Anyway, I play other games like And that's pretty much all I have to say. If you need help with anything ingame, message me on discord. Kayou#6757
  5. you joined the forums on my grandma's birthday lmaoimage.png.9a9e635fcf69c763cd86f52e1fedcc67.png

    1. Baconarie


      Wow amazingly fabulously splendid

    2. Kayou
  6. Welcome to the server, and burp
  7. Alternative accounts are not allowed. Also, you were banned for exploiting
  8. Welcome to UltraNetwork, Aiwendility! We hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. Welcome to UltraNetwork, Slicedlime!
  10. Welcome! I also realize your name spelled backwards is 'Murder'