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  1. So basically, make kitpvp in skyblock? You're claiming a player quit the server because the server is skyblock and not a PVP game mode?
  2. Closing the suggestion has prison will be resetting!
  3. Hey, in the future you will be able to assign members certain permissions, no current plans on adding more ranks.
  4. In the next season of skyblock, dungeons are planned to be added. Hopefully, something similar to your suggestion would also be added
  5. Hey, in the next prison season there'll be a new advanced tutorial system, this system will be introduced to skyblock later on after it's confirmed to be working fine for prison!
  6. What server IP are you connecting to?
  7. Can you screenshot the disconnect message?
  8. The token shop is planned to get added back.
  9. DeadMaster


    Don't usually plan on adding features/commands to donator ranks until the start of a season. Adding new features/commands to ranks randomly will make the store outdated (as it is right now).
  10. DeadMaster

    Island Chest

    The bank idea will definitely add that. Not sure about the chest idea at the moment. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. Once the server has a few more gamemodes, then there'd be a valid reason to add this This is already possible, just type /ignore itself, and it'll show all the players you have ignored. To un-ignore someone type /ignore <name>
  12. As for all I know, I don't think this would be possible or work out the way we want it to. If I ever do figure out a way to do something like this, will definitely add this
  13. DeadMaster

    New Crate

    Way too overpowered, someone will probably duplicate the crate somehow eventually.