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  1. Added crop hoppers will now pick up all different type of saplings There is currently no way of doing this, though, the best alternative would be using hopper filter
  2. Sorry for the delay forgot about this thread, it seems like you've changed your island around a lot - I've refunded the spawners into your /pv 1
  3. Pets were added to be cosmetics based only, we currently have no plans on changing that
  4. The ores that are currently added are the ones that most stand out and the ones a player would aim to get, adding useless ores such as coal, lapis & redstone won't have many uses. Head over to the public mine, break some blocks, sell it > buy wood To be added Automatic "minigames/events" inside the servers will be added soon!
  5. Coordinates of location where spawner was at (or at least near):
  6. Why would we care to hide such a useless thing? All you're doing is clicking, and maybe reading sometimes, but you don't read the attributes.
  7. Added, thanks For events, automatic events is planned to come out soon
  8. Rewards are added to your inventory if you're offline (upon next join), already leaderboard for votes