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  1. Added vines to farming section (Already existed on skyblock, but now in prison)
  2. DeadMaster


    1.14.4 Survival would be great, but due to it being a "broken/un-optimized" version, there are currently no plans on adding it
  3. Minions are cool, but not the best idea to be adding them a few months after the season has begun (Maybe for a future season?).
  4. In a future season/update: Totem (or maybe even elytra) ranks will have the ability to host in-game events (spleef, drop parties, etc)
  5. DeadMaster

    New crate

    Good suggestion, although, as of right now the server uses a public tokens plugin (which limits what we can do at the moment). For a future season, I will be developing a custom tokens plugin allowing us to add this feature and much more cool things Thanks for your suggestion
  6. Bows are currently not in Skyblock kits and are planned to be removed in the next season of Prison Players with donator ranks (especially high ranks) will have the ability to bow spam whilst the other player having "trash" armor, meaning the player with the bow will most likely win the fight It's better if players legitimately get bows themselves
  7. The parkour world was corrupted and due to that, it had to be removed for the next season a new parkour will hopefully be added
  8. DeadMaster

    New Rank

    The current goal is to: add more perks to totem/elytra/ender (and maybe void)
  9. DeadMaster

    Rank tag

    In a future update, a way to hide your rank tag (from chat & tablist) will be added (prison & skyblock)
  10. Jobs are planned to be added back, though, as it caused the server to freeze randomly several times an hour, it had to be removed As of right now, there is no solution
  11. It's great that sell wands are rare, though, I have added sell wands to crates, more sell wands to voteparty and 100/500 use sellwand Thanks for your suggestion
  12. This is intended, in the next season generators will be player based
  14. Worked fine for me, what version are you using?
  15. Weekly/season rewards are planned to be added soon Would be cool, but not worth time to fix all the exploits (And not to mention people complaining why they should have won...) To badded to prison & Skyblock, thx IIRC, it was exploitable but that was a long time ago. I'll see if I can fix the exploits since they aren't that complex now To be added Thanks for your suggestions!!