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  1. Also, you can make a /ticket
  2. I'll look into this soon, were you already refunded? @yihern
  3. What version were you on: Did you open the chatcolour gui (/chatcolour):
  4. DeadMaster

    A New VI rank

    Well, it wouldn't make sense for the Prison server I probably just forgot about it, I'll see what I can do about it Thanks for letting me know about it!
  5. Added in the next update, thanks for the suggestion
  6. Sorry for last response, though, this should be resolved in the next reboot
  7. Yes, this is not allowed and is against the plotmine guidelines (
  8. Generators will only function when the island leader is online, this is not a bug.
  9. Hey, due to lack of proof I am unable to help you
  10. Known, this is a temporary change