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  1. Skully


    Hey, currently the only way to get automining time is by voting, you can vote with the /vote command.
  2. Not enough support raised for language, request denied.
  3. Adding server created pickaxe renting takes away the the economy of players renting their pickaxes out. If the server gives pickaxes for rent, no one will loan them off other players. Stick with getting them from other players, always take screenshots of your trades so if you get scammed you will be refunded.
  4. Confirmed issue, pending fix. [#65]
  5. You aren't sending the user who is trying to login anywhere, you do this in your <form> tag declaration and specify what page they are sent to when they login or to verify the login details. <form action="login.html" class="login-form"> <input type="text" id="username" placeholder="Username"> <input type="password" id="password"> <button type="submit">Login</button> </form> When the user presses the submit button, they are then transferred to the 'login.html' page or whatever other page you want to specify.
  6. Skully

    Unban in discord If you don't know any details for the form, just put "Don't know".
  7. Skully


    Hey, please make a request here:
  8. Skully

    -Transfer request-

    UltraNetwork is a cracked server, this means that when you join with a different username than your normal one, you are given a completely different account. (Different usernames have their own account) In order to get your old account back, you can simply change your username back to what it was previously. If you have a premium Minecraft account and have to wait 30 days for the name change cooldown, you can used a cracked client which lets you join cracked servers with any username you like - use it to log into your old username. If you want to keep your new username, then you'll have to login to both your accounts on the server at the same time and transfer your items over by giving it to your other account, this is something you have to do yourself and not something we can do for you. Other things such as play time, commands, etc. cannot be transferred. We will only assist in transferring your purchased content from our webstore.
  9. The first suggestion is a good idea, we'll look at implementing some sort of visual aid that displays when a kit is ready or not in /kits. [#59] WorldEdit is currently disabled for players due to the high number of bugs that come with the plugin, currently we're working on making our own version to release to Totem members so we have more control over adjusting the code to fix issues as they occur. Gambling methods such as coin flips were implemented in previous resets however were ultimately removed because of the fact that players were able to flip a significant profit, eventually affecting the economy. However the method you've provided might be a solution to implementing coin flip back to the server, however this will require a a number of votes upon players if they want to see this implemented. If you can get enough players to comment on this topic showing their approval for that suggestion we can look at implementing it.
  10. This is not a bug, just join the server with the name provided. If you are a premium account, PM an owner on Discord.
  11. Schematica is free to use by any player and isn't against the rules, you can use it just like any other player, there is no software dependencies or hardware requirements, if you can run minecraft then you should be able to run schematica. There is no disadvantage.
  12. Already planned, quests will be implemented after the old quest system is remade - thanks for the suggestion.