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  1. Thanks for reporting, I'll look into this.
  2. Skully

    Forgot my password

    Please see this topic.
  3. We've tried to implement WorldEdit into Skyblock though it proves to just cause a vast amount of abusable bugs and issues. We recently re-enabled it though it brought back the issues we had with it previously that are difficult to resolve. It has been disabled again so we can work with resolving it, if not then it may be permanently removed.
  4. Skully

    change of acccount

    Hi there, We only transferred purchased content such as plot mines and ranks, to do so please create a request here: All other items such as balance, tokens or items you must transfer yourself by logging into both accounts at once and giving it to the other.
  5. Skully


    Please make a refund request.
  6. This is intentional. It exists to create incentive for players to purchase a rank directly rather than going through rank upgrades.
  7. Skully my username on discord is (OverHaul#9957)


  8. Skully

    Ban Without Reason

    As stated in our server rules, if any user is banned, then all accounts connected to that IP address are also banned. This is to ensure the original player does not ban evade by logging in with a different account. Your ban is valid, so is your brothers. Your ban needs to be appealed and removed if you haven't done so already, and it's the only way you'll be banned.
  9. Skully

    I am falsely banned
  10. Should be resolved in last update.
  11. We've taken this suggestion into consideration and have been discussing how we can bring the incentive back to prestiging. Because it's alot easier to prestige and the rewards of the prestige crate have lost value over time since they're obtainable more easier, we've removed the ability to get some of the more rare keys by simply mining in an attempt to bring some value back to the keys. The issue I believe is in the fact that the rewards have no value because they can be obtained other ways alot easier, so we're attempting to bring their value back with this change.
  12. Currently not possible with our implementation of gangs, if you're worried of gang money being stolen then simply only add members to your gang that you trust or don't store money you're not willing to lose in your gang.