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  2. The purpose of the reputation system is to allow players to become trusted which results in less potential scams taking place because players will eventually learn to only trade with users who have a high reputation level. However whilst this is a good idea, the problem that we get using this is that players can abuse this quite easily and get their reputation built up by simply asking other players to give them a positive reputation through the means of trading reputations, selling/buying reps, etc. and this completely defeats the purpose of having it since players will simply build up a large reputation count through abuse and it won't be genuine.
  3. Would be a great way to identify players with a good reputation of selling/trading and prevent scams.
  4. Updated to reflect changes for new questions on staff application.
  5. Hey, thanks for your report - we'll punish the player. In the future, please use the player report form to report other players.
  6. Skully

    Rank transfer

    Sorry for the late reply, this has been done.
  7. The server was reset, not just your account - all players were reset during the annual server wipe, this was intentional and all stats from previous resets cannot be restored.
  8. Skully

    Username Change

    UltraNetwork is a cracked server, this means that when you join with a different username than your normal one, you are given a completely different account. (Different usernames have their own account) In order to get your old account back, you can simply change your username back to what it was previously. If you have a premium Minecraft account and have to wait 30 days for the name change cooldown, you can used a cracked client which lets you join cracked servers with any username you like - use it to log into your old username. If you want to keep your new username, then you'll have to login to both your accounts on the server at the same time and transfer your items over by giving it to your other account, this is something you have to do yourself and not something we can do for you. Other things such as play time, commands, etc. cannot be transferred. We will only assist in transferring your purchased content from our webstore.
  9. You haven't provided any sort of ideas as to what sort of CE's can be added, you have only stated the problem of CE existing for crowd control.
  10. Skully


    This section is for suggestions, you're just stating a problem - provide ideas as to how to resolve this issue.
  11. Most people use the #memes channel on Discord for this, though feel free to start a topic in the General Discussion section.
  12. If you don't want to answer player questions, don't - you're at no obligation to respond to anyone. If someone is annoying you in a manner that breaks the server rules such as spamming, report it to a staff member. Giving players access to /v is not the correct approach to resolve this problem.
  13. Skully

    duel 1v1s

    See my response in this other topic.