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  1. Id call that a combination of late night boredom and a slight bit of school stress but oh well take it as you wish
  2. Memeo's the name , responsible for all the below average builds delivered to you ever since august , if you dont like them , well too bad , not my first choice also my lord and king dead master didnt let me do this but im sure he wont see it ez , i play games that pretty much noone heard of like Warcraft , Heros of the Storm or sometimes Bf1 and maybe some UT4 or UT3 , and im interested in drums so if you got any please donate , and thats about it but im gonna just add more text to make it seem worthwhile to read but imma just waste your time maybe probably or idk you decide and while youre at it pls give like since im new on here. . . . also maybe youre interested maybe you arent but anyway Im gonna tell you im from Romania but im half serbian and half romanian, im also really into memes so if you have any good ones please send them at my Discord , for i am a memeologist. Phantom is gud mod , Kayou is gud , Demio is cool and i like memes Please love me Idk why youre still looking i pretty much wasted your time on this useless introduction-wannabe thingy but oh well goodday or night or whatever it is where you live , maybe raining rainbows idk.