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  1. You can with /moneycommands (alias /perks)
  2. Believe it or not, skyblock will be returning soon.
  3. A similar feature has been implemented a while ago now, thanks anyway
  4. PRISON SEASON 8 Hey all! Season 7 saw an exciting amount of gameplay and advancements by the majority of our players with last season being the longest season we've had on the prison server! We're excited to finally be able to announce a variety of significant improvements, updates and changes we've made to the prison server that we cannot wait for you to try out! There's a lot to cover, so we hope you take your time to go through everything below to stay informed on anything that has changed and how some of our new features work - be sure to cover everything below before asking questions! NOTE: Not all changes included in the Season 8 are listed within this update post, this is a comprehensible overview of the most notable changes! NEW: Pickaxe Abilities To make mining more exciting, you can now unlock pickaxe abilities as you progress. They are unlocked through pickaxe prestiging. Current pickaxe abilities: Sire Have the power to summon a minechest instantly Delay: 30 minutes Pickaxe Prestige: 3 Abnormal Randomly activate one of the pickaxes' enchants for up to 15 seconds Delay: 1 hour Pickaxe Prestige: 20 Accrue Upgrade up to 100 keys inside of your backpack to the next tier (Example: Common --> Rare) Delay: 1 hour Pickaxe Prestige: 30 Utmost Increase your pickaxes' fortune to your /maxfortune for a short period Delay: 1 hour Pickaxe Prestige: 40 NEW: MineChests As you are mining, there is a random chance that a minechest can spawn upon you. These minechests also include the new mine bomb items which can create a large explosion when thrown. Rewards: Tokens Money Mine Bombs (Tier 3 --> 10) NEW: Rankup Missions You must now complete missions before you rankup, this is it helps you make your progression easier! Other Notable Changes New Milestones: You can now get consecutive rewards and enjoy progression more Current milestones: Arena kills MineChests Automine Obtain books Mining Kill players Contest wins New Contests: Every hour a mining contest will begin for 5 minutes, the top 5 mined players will be awarded tokens depending on the position they won! Plot Mine Changes As the server was updated to 1.19.1, plot mines will now go down to Y: 64 Plot Mine max size is increased to 25 The bedrock walls not generating in certain scenarios has been resolved Arena Changes Added 2 more bosses: Skeleton horse Iron Golems Mobs will now deal less damage Backpack Changes The backpack lore now has a better design It now states that you need Gold rank to shift click to open the keys Contests: Every 1 hour a mining competition will begin The contest will have a duration of 10 minutes The five players who maintain their position in the top mined rankings will receive token rewards varying on their prestige Increase success rate custom item is now exchangeable /ce - has been re-added Chat reaction reward changes: 2nd --> 1.27 Multiplier 3rd --> 1.25 Multiplier Vote pickaxe now has 250 Efficiency, Fortune & Unbreaking (Before 175) Token block can now give up to 10 seconds (Before 7) Server was updated to 1.19.1 Enchant Changes Duplex now will occur less often Laser now awards tokens for the token blocks it mines If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist. Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update!
  5. Yes, that is currently how /premium works
  6. Pretty sure they are already @Prasanna2988
  7. Dear new players, I will reset the end when I update the server to 1.18. Sincerely, THE OWNER
  8. They aren't supposed to be auto collectable
  9. What gamemode? All of the servers seem to be running fine
  10. The is being worked on, thanks anyway
  11. Once again, that sucks! But this is for bug reports not support.
  12. That sucks! Although, this is for bug reports