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  1. Maybe /set [Block] (direction) "[]" = required "()" = optional
  2. Not supported since it'd probably be confusing to people
  3. @lumiax_ I made it so it sets the direction of rotatable blocks (north, west, south, east) depending on the direction the player is facing for the next reboot/update
  4. In the next update (or maybe reboot): The "too expensive" will be removed from anvils so you'll be able to repair items easier /repair was removed.
  5. Most likely will not be added to Prison soon as it is running 1.12.2, the new servers core designed for 1.16+ have this. (Skyblock & Survival)
  6. Already planned to be added!
  7. More minions are already planned to be added in the next update.
  8. Should be resolved now, thanks
  9. Fixed next reboot/update, thanks
  10. Should be fixed try now @gamerboy195
  11. Did you use a pickaxe experience item?
  12. Hey, that's not how redstone works, I've replicated the same thing in vanilla and I got the same result as you. Please try using another method to activate the pistons
  13. You get blocked if you are doing something stupid, there also other ways to contact an owner. If you get scammed and you tell a owner, we will tell you to make a player report on forums anyway.
  14. Playtime is not added while AFK, you were most likely AFK during the time which is what caused it, /playtime command gets their playtime via Minecraft statistics