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  1. This is because you are using 1.8 which is not recommended to be using, either use the latest or 1.12.2
  2. Very cool, did you schemetica it or did you make it yourself?
  3. PvP will be re-made soon (or for the next season)
  4. Hi, the only benefit from this would be "less lag" although, the server does not experience lag issues anymore (19+ TPS - 83 players online) Maybe for a future season though, thank you for the suggestion!
  5. Hi, for the next reboot the inventory size will have 6 rows Thank you for your suggestion
  6. Hi, keys were removed from autominer a few weeks ago and are not planned to be re-added Maybe for a future season, doing it now would change the chestshop ID (/iteminfo)
  7. Hi, minions are planned to be added to skyblock (similar to 'robots')
  8. Hi, there is currently no new plans on adding new ranks
  9. I've put a legendary key into your inventory
  10. It's currently bugged, should hopefully be fixed before the end of tomorrow
  11. Yes, this is intentional
  12. At this current time 1.12.2 or above, all servers are planned to be upgraded to 1.16.X if its confirmed to be stable (Support for <1.16 will still exist)
  13. The grey shulker box seems to be be working as intended, although the grey shulker box wasn't and should be fixed for next the next reboot Thanks
  14. There are currently no plans on resetting either servers, if there is an upcoming reset it will be announced in #announcements
  15. This is a known bug and already fixed for the next reboot
  16. Known bug, to be fixed
  17. Hey, that section is there in blocks as people won't know that leaves would be in "Other" so they'd check the blocks section
  18. Condense wands should now work on trapped chests I'll see what I can do about this!