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  1. i mean, it might lag but its still ok its unnecessary but i mean, as @Purpled__YT said, it makes pris stand out so i guess i like it
  2. tbh, i think this is quite good, but wat if it can only be gotten by the leg crate keys and its just a 0.1% chance? others its gud
  3. also, we can also make a beacon out of netherite, so it's not useless, isnt it?
  4. ok so ye it could be sellable, but not buyable, right?
  5. Ye so I made the first 11 suggestions but... might also make obsidian very rare in the nether gen if it was really added?
  6. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Selling What I am Selling: So... I was selling ore blocks with only a little stock left. Now, I've got a lot of stock, I'm going to nerf the price a little (+5% for every ore block) Coal: 7.5k --> 8.25k Iron: 20k --> 21k Gold: 30k --> 31.5k Lapis: 6k --> 6.3k Diamond: 50k --> 52.5k Emerald: 70k --> 73.5k Netherite: 500k --> 525k (NOT in stock) How I would like to be contacted: You can do the command /msg 3AKidsAlt or contact me via Discord to hasanchan#7628.
  7. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Selling What I am Selling: So... I'm selling some ore blocks in my island. Prices (for 1 stack): Coal: 7.5k / stack Iron: 30k / stack Gold: 40k / stack Lapis: 5k / stack Diamond: 60k / stack Emerald: 80k / stack (NOT in stock) Netherite: 500k / stack (NOT in stock) (I only have a little stock left, about a stack and some more. For netherite, I'm very busy grinding for them and hope to provide them for you! Warp: /is warp 3AKidsAlt --> "oreblockshop" How I would like to be contacted: If you want to buy them, feel free to /msg me in Skyblock to 3AKidsAlt or 3a_kids, or DM me to hasanchan#7628.
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description So... in Skyblock Season 4, the Overworld has a generator with cobble and ores. In the Nether, it also has a generator with netherrack, nether gold, quartz, coal and debris. But... the End? I suggest that the generator will have: End stone Obsidian Purpur Blocks Chorus Plant/Flower and other end-related blocks! Hope you like it, and will add it to Skyblock Season 4!
  9. ofc its not ignoring every 100k player registered in sb? eh theres reset so all players?
  10. There is a command for this: /ranksgui
  11. I don't think this should be added, as a bigger inventory would make it feel worse for a prison server. And, there's /pv
  12. This would be very great, as I can't check chat when opening stuff.
  13. If you want to ignore everyone except 1 person, I think leb's suggestion would come to use. Maybe the command would be /msgtoggle then /msg allow <player>.
  14. Yes, I think that this is great and should be inplemented, but no rank vouchers as that would become an easy way of getting ranks, instead of paying for them.