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  1. Hello Dead, So I tried breeding the new villagers, but it doesn't seem to work either. I'm clueless as to what the problem is right now. All I can say is that the villagers seem to be going in some form of 'trance' after a while where they don't do anything: they don't move, they don't take jobs, they don't sleep, ... You seem to be able to 'reset' them be right-clicking on them which activates them again, but they always return to that 'trance'-state fast. I hope this might help. Thanks
  2. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: lukas9446 What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: (The dates might not be perfectly accurate since ive been busy and some time has passed meanwhile) +- 1 month ago: During a reboot a bug or something caused all of our villagers to disappear. For us this included villagers from: 2 functional iron farms, 1 functional villager breeder, 1 librarian setup, 1 small cleric setup and 1 big iron trade (armorsmith + toolsmith I think) setup. A couple days later: Our breeder's and iron farms' villagers are restored. I believe DeadMaster restored them after another land member TickleMyPickle asked him. However, after that the iron farms and breeder were NOT functional anymore and they haven't been ever since. You can check out our base to see this for yourself: -23257 - 75 - 377 in the big world. My guess is that there is a problem with these 'restored' villagers and they don't function properly. I would suggest to consider my first proposal for a solution (to refund us by giving us some villager eggs) in this refund request: Thanks, lukas9446
  3. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: lukas9446 What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: /shop bug. U can just place the diamond in your inventory as many times as you want.
  4. Yeah I meant pistons, my bad. Exact coords are -9206 / 59 / -5909 in the small world.
  5. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Redstone What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: In the picture, the activated the redstone should trigger the hoppers, but it doesnt. I asked if this is intentional, and Dead replied thats its not, so it must be an error.
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description Hello everyone! I have a couple more suggestions on things I believe would improve the UN Skyblock experience, or help out the server. Here they are: 1) Island raids: What is it? This is a solo (or island team) event where you have to fight off mobs that are trying to destroy a beacon. How does it work? You can trigger these by placing down a 'Raid Beacon' on your island. Mobs will spawn in waves trying to destroy the beacon. When you succesfully defend it you get prizes. Anything else? You could make different difficulties (Easy, Medium, Average) or variants (nether, village raid, end). 2) Custom cobble generators: What is it? This is an updated version of cobblestone generators. How does it work? By gaining McMmo levels for the skill 'mining', you receive 'generator upgrade points'. You can spend these points to modify your cobble generator's chances as you prefer. Anything else? This feature is like /upgrades --> generators, except you can specifically choose which ore's chances you want to improve and by how much (depending on whether you have enough upgrade points or not). 3) Island level blocks What is it? This is any blocks with a high /is value. You can save multiple stacks of the same block inside this 'Island Level block'. How does it work? You simple shift-left click with your blocks on the 'Island level block' and the blocks will be stored inside it. You can take them out by going into its GUI menu. All the blocks inside the Island level blocks will still add their value to your island level. Anything else? You can only store blocks that match the 'Island level block' (you can only store diamond blocks inside a 'Diamond Island level block'). Make it visible to all players how many blocks are stored in the Island level block (for the people that want to flex their wealth). Add 'bulk storing' option to allow people to store the entire stack immediatly. You can again add different types of Island level blocks (different block, different size, ...) 4) Mission sets (see my survival post below): What is it? A missions set is a couple of missions in a certain order that -when executed- will learn, or force people to learn how a certain aspect of the game works. How does it work? Players start a mission set, and try and complete them to earn rewards. The goal of these missions specifically is to learn players how a certain part of the game works. 5) Support player initiatives: I feel like a big part of Skyblock is players that organise things like parkour challenges, dropparties, ... I dont have a specific idea for this, but my suggestion is to add some sort of feature that makes it easier for players to do things like this. What do you think of these ideas? Let me and the game developers know what you think in a replay! Have a nice day! Lukas Here are some other update idea threads of mine. Skyblock #1: Survival:
  7. Adding it to land is what I meant to say. I didnt formulate this clearly because I am only part of my own land. And the suggestions to give more claims for mcmmo and money we're just suggestions for possible alternative ways to gain more chunks, for me it doesnt need to be those specifically as long as you choose a fair alternative.
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description Hello, my name is Lukas. I am currently #4 on /l top (with 1 not really active teammate), #3 on /mctop and #7 on /topplaytime. I have a couple of suggestion that I believe would improve certain aspects of the game/server. I hope you like them. 1) Mission sets A lot of people that join the server for the first time leave almost immediatly. I believe this is mostly caused by them not knowing what to do or how to play the game. I suggest you add what Id like to call 'mission sets'. A missions set is a couple of missions in a certain order that -when executed- will learn, or force people to learn how a certain aspect of the game works. Some examples: 'Mining missions set' 1) - Mine 3 stone - Craft a stone pickaxe 2) - Mine 3 iron ore - Craft an iron pickaxe 3) - Mine 32 iron ore - Mine 16 gold ore - Mine 8 diamond ore 'Beacon mission set' 1) - Smelt 5 sand - Mine 3 obsidian 2) - Mine 4 soul sand - Collect 3 wither skeleton skulls 3) - Spawn the wither - Kill the wither - Craft a beacon There are a lot of possibilities for mission sets: all mcmmo skills (mining, herbalism, swords, archery, ...), all structures or fight (raid, wither, dragon, sea temple, mansion, ...), other game aspects (trading, enchanting, brewing, ...), custom additions (/vote, /sell, /l claim, ...), ... The idea is to add enough mission sets to keep new players entertained long enough for them to start enjoying the game longer term. 2) Improve /missions There are only 3 ways for the total economy to go up: /vote, /daily and /missions, and all of them are limited. I am suggesting to make 1 of these unlimited, and since that is impossible for /vote and /daily, it would have to be /missions. My suggestion is simple: Once you complete a missions, you instantly receive a new one. I know you are trying to prevent the economy from breaking, but I feel like the rewards for completing missions are too low to impact the economy in a negative way. I believe unlimited missions would be a good way for beginning players to gather a starters balance. 3) End event Basically, you do an end event every week/month where you spawn like 5 dragons at the same time. I just think this would be a cool event to participate in. 4) Land Warps Building a nice base is key for long-term survival players. When you dislike your base, the chances you'll quit the game are higher. By adding the opportunity for people to show off their base to others you can use this to improve the average motivation to play the game, as well as player interaction and possibly create a new competitive scene (for nicest base). Land warps would works the same way as island warps do in skyblock. I don't know if putting the /l spawn setting to enabled for visitors would work, but even if it does I dont feel like it would be an intended feature and it wouldnt give the same effects as the ones I think will occur by adding these land warps. 5) Sell shops Right now the only passive way to gain money from other players is /shop, and the limit of 6 trades along with overpricers flooding it make this feature really underwhelming. I believe that allowing people to build shops like this would be a better alternative for passive trades. These sell shops would work the same way they do now in skyblock. This feature comes in combination with the land warps, allowing people to build shops in their base that is accesible to everyone through a land warp. I agree this feature will absorb all passive trading activity, however I believe /shop can find a new purpose in active trades. (Passive trades = Putting up trades until someone finds and buys them, active trades = putting up a trade after you agreed on it thrugh the chat). 6) Duels I am not a big fan of PvP myself, so my reasoning might not be correct sometimes. I think wars is a great feature for people who are into PvP, but I think that setting up balances wars with multiple players is difficult: multiple participants from both sides must be available and the gear and PvP skills have to be somewhat equal. I feel like its hard to put together a war that is fair and fun for both sides. Therefore, I suggest a less difficult PvP feature: Duels. In duels the participants will fight out a 1v1 until 1 person dies. Details like keepinventory, potions/gapples/...-limits can be determined before the fight. Bonus idea: Allow duels to determine the result of wars. What do you guys think of these ideas? Leave a reaction to let the owners know if you like these features or not. Have a nice day! Here are some links to other suggestions I made/support: - Claim chunks: - Reverse /shop: - Sethomes: - Sethomes (better version): - Skyblock:
  9. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description There was a thread a couple of days ago with a request to add some forms of compensation for non-ranked people for not having sethomes. Besides that thereis 1 more OP perks for having a rank: more claims. Right now there is only 1 way to improve your number of claims as a member: playtime (max 6 extra chunks). However, there are a lot of members with this low number of chunks that deserve more claim chunks. There are plenty of ways to measure whether people deserve more claims or not: - Playtime, but for exponentially larger amounts (for example, another 6 extra chunks per DAY of playtime) - McMmo Level (for example, 1 extra chunks for every 500 levels) - For money (you can buy extra claim chunks for a growing amount of money) I have 275k balance + 3k mcmmo levels + 3,5 days of playtime, but I only have 12 chunks to work with. I think me and other non-rank players with similar stats deserve more claim chunks. What do you guys think?
  10. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description In the /shop right now, you can sell items. My suggestion is to add the possibility to do the opposite: You can add requests in the shop for things you want to BUY. Other people can view these requests, gather the materials and complete the trades.
  11. The lack of sethomes are a really big disadvantage for non-rank players. People with more sethomes can just use them for spawners, villages, other structures, ... Im not saying this disadvantage should be completely removed, but a smaller compensation (what Lebron suggested, or maybe something else) seems fair to me. Edit: I just read Gamerboy's suggestion from a couple of days agp and that seems like the perfect solution for me. (Adding 1-2-3 additional land setspawns)
  12. 2.2) My main suggestion for this was to add them as rewards for various things: events (idea 3), voting, achievements, ... 2.3) This is a good point. I forgot to add a solution for some items that would be replaced as spawner drops (gunpowder, arrows, bones, ...). As an alternative making them available in the shop seems like an easy solution. Another idea would be to keep BOTH the original drops and the custom ones. I agree that this will make Skyblock less OP, but I believe that with these reworked spawners the game would be more fun. Like I mentioned, now, in a lot of cases, people just grind until they get rich and then buy a lot of spawners and stop playing. These changes would stop players from being able to do that.
  13. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description Hello everyone! My name is Lukas, and I played Skyblock in the previous season before the reset, and gathered up to 26 days of playtime. Since the new Survival gamemode is almost finished I thought this would be a good time to share my ideas, speculating on a possible Skyblock update being one of the next points on the UN agenda. Even if it is not, I don’t need these ideas myself, so do with them whatever you want. Now there are 2 basic principles that I focused on while thinking of these ideas. I believe these 2 principles are the most important parts to building a succesful Skyblock version. 1) Provide opportunities for all types of players: --> There are a lot of different aspects In the game: Building, Pvp, Farming, Parkour, … . I believe it is not impossible to add content to the game for every aspect. This should improve the percentage of new players that start playing regularly. 2) Change up the content every now and then, and keep people playing: --> I think this is the part where Skyblock on UN can improve the most. Most of the times there is a lack of versatility. When I first joined Witch spawners dropping rare keys were dominating, after they got nerfed there seemed to be only Iron golem spawners, and later that changed to cactus farms. This lack of versatility might lead players to get bored fast, therefore I added a couple of suggestions to deal with this. These suggestions should lead to a higher playtime per player. For every idea I will give a basic description, and the reasons why I think it should be added. I will also add a part for every idea describing how these ideas would contribute to achieving these 2 principles. Here is my idea list: - Idea 1 --> Use 1.16 version I think these last few updates have been great, and a lot of cool stuff has been added. I don’t see why anyone would choose another version to be recommended, and ignore all of these new features. This suggestion is separate, in comparison to the others which are more coherent. This idea would just add a lot more possibilities to successfully implement my other ideas. - Idea 2 --> Rework spawners Like I mentioned under principle 2, there is not much versatility. I believe reworking spawners could be a big part of fixing this problem. I have 3 specific suggestions on how to rework them: 1) Change their purposes: A lot of spawners are worthless, because their purpose is worthless. For example: Pig spawners are worthless, because their only purpose is to drop pork. I suggest you give all of them a specific purpose. I would divide them into ‘purpose categories’, here are a couple of suggestions for these categories: Make money (the drops can be sold for money), Island level (the drops are valuables that contribute to island level: iron, gold, diamonds, emerald, …), Experience (drops experience), … . Each category has 4 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Higher rarities have better drops (they sell for more money, they give more is level value, they give more XP, …). For example: Sheep spawner Rarity --> Rare Purpose --> Is level Drop --> Gold For example: Enderman spawner: Rarity --> Legendary Purpose --> Money Drop --> Enderpearl (sells in the shop for money (a lot since the rarity is legendary)) 2) Make them unavailable in the shop: When a spawner becomes too OP, right now you can just mass buy them in the shop and get even richer by just placing them down in your automatic farm. Making them unavailable for purchase would counter this. Of course this means you would need to add other ways to get spawners. Check out idea 3, where I propose a lot of possibilities for fixing this problem. These spawner changes as I suggested, would make a lot of different spawners useful. I think this versatility would positively influence the game. 3) Disable automatic farms: For most spawners, players just build automatic farms, and then afk. If you want to keep people playing I suggest you prevent these automatic farms from working (by making the mobs lava, catus, potions, … -proof). This change would require people to play more instead of just afk. - Idea 3 --> Organize events As long as the events are original and fun they will be a great addition to the game. Of course there are a lot of different ways you can go with this, so I will list all of my specific ideas below, so you can check them out 1 by 1. 1) Weekly grind event: Every week 1 aspect of the game and 1 specific item within the aspect will be chosen. For example: Farming – Carrots, PVP – Bows, Mining – Emeralds. The objective for a player is too execute this (Farm carrots, Kill players with a bow, Mine emeralds) as much as possible during that week. To encourage players to participate in this event, these suggestions are important: Tiers (every time they reach a certain amount players get a reward), a leaderboard (for example top 10 get additional rewards) and double sell prices (the item can be sold in the shop for double the price during that week). This event would require the people that participate to play a different aspect of the game every week. Again, more versatility in the game. 2) PVP: Just add an event inside the PVP arena every now and then. There are a lot of possibilities: Free for all, Team deathmatch, King of the hill, Capture the flag, Bows only, No armor – Fist only, Sumo, … . Encourage people to participate by adding rewards. This would be a great addition for PVP Players, encouraging them to play more. 3) Top island warp: I once saw a feature on a server where people could leave a like on a warp. I think this would be a great addition. This would lead to more people building creative plots: Nice buildings, Casino’s, Public farms, Parkour & more, … . Encourage people to participate by adding rewards. This would be a great addition for builders and other creative players, encouraging them to play more. 4) Weekly Leaderboards: Another fun competition would be leaderboards for certain aspect of the game: Is top, Baltop, Mcmmo top, Kills top, … . Doing this on a weekly basis would encourage people to play more. Again add rewards to encourage more people to participate. This would be a great addition for competitive players, encouraging them to play more. - Idea 4 --> Sell price mulitpliers For every new Mcmmo level a player gets for a category, that category’s items all get a higher sell price. For example: When you get a new ‘farming’ level, you can sell all items in that category (potatoes, carrots, wheat, melons, pumpkins, …) for more money. After a while, when players get richer, these prices are not worth grinding for by hand. People start building automatic farms or using spawners instead. After a while they finish these builds and then they stop playing and afk. To prevent this and keep people playing, I think it would be a good idea to give Sell price multipliers to the category’s items when people reach higher farming, mining, fishing, combat, … levels. I think this is an important one if you want people to keep playing the game, instead of the usual process: they play, get rich, automate things and then stop playing. I think these ideas could help the server a lot, and I hope you agree with that. Let me know in a response if you do, or if you have any other suggestions/ideas/alternatives/… . And I hope to be able to have these features in-game one day. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! Lukas