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  1. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Lobby Server Description When you are going into pvp 1,9 and fight someone and they are about to die, they can just exit PVP and swim away or run away and after 3s they left the pvp, its really annoying after you had a long battle and he just combat logs right in-front of you. maybe a timer that every time you get hit you need to wailt 10s 1 hit = 10s it dosen't add up so if u get hit 10 times its not 100s you need to wait to leave pvp, but instead its 10s to leave.
  2. It would save Dead & Skully a lot of time if they added a way to remove it, or just remove Curse of binding, its not an useful enchantment that deal extra damage, reduce damage etc, its there to keep it on their inventory/head until they die
  3. Well I think you mean /ah and its already an timer at it so I don't see the point in adding a longer time. also /shop is block related stuff like, wood, stone, lava bucket and not things players can list at the auction house
  4. an app isn't that easy to develop so i don't think its needed
  5. there is a trade section on the forums, but I don't think its a lot of people that know of it, and people rarely check the forums. I think its a good idea
  6. one thing is to heal up but just staying and not helping your team is annoying
  7. maybe add the more damage you have the better loot, if its not added already?
  8. if its not a feature then they should add it
  9. true it gets annoying when they get the same loot or maybe even better loot after you doing all the work.
  10. I mean a video of it would be great for deadmaster.
  11. yes I think rebirth is a good idea, because of players that grind 24/7 are not gonna think yay prestige 500 after doing it so many times, and let them feel the fun agan. also the price of prestige keys will drop a lot and if this idea gets accepted maybe when they have 1 rebirth don't give as many keys as they give today to balance the eco?
  12. yes i think sb needs some bundles
  13. but then ppl can't have a normal conversation, and they have to use /msg and /r ALOT
  14. but suddenly every1 wanna have their own language chat, then its gonna be a problem
  15. i like the idea, but i really dont need it because i take alot of time when i mine
  16. very nice idea hope this will be a new feature on the new samsung
  17. very nice idea elon musk has something to learn right there!
  18. they should atleast add a filter
  19. ive seen this in alot of other servers.