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  1. After that 10 Months of being a staff member there is a chance of being of Admin IF the 2 owners think that you deserve it or trust you enough for that. (Just a speculation. Probably not true).
  2. *Dead joins* *SB crashes*
    Dead=fat confirmed!


  3. Damn OCT 21, 2017 older person on UN :D

    1. BananaSlicer


      Lol, I wish 

    2. arvidghost


      i joined on Jan 3rd lol 2018

    3. BananaSlicer
  4. Not gonna lie, my pfp and cover photo is good.

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    2. arvidghost


      i got denied u nab xd now i need to wait 35 days to re-apply

    3. TrigonVII
    4. arvidghost


      I try harder..i downgrade.

      i do it randomly...i upgrade.

  5. To be honest Wiki is a fat cat.

    1. Unsanity


      To be honest you're just a ghost.

    2. Wiktionary


      Okay! Have a good day.

  6. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: arvidghost What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: If you stand on hoppers which are synced with chests, have any key in your inventory, do /keys and open a crate the items that "drop" from the crates or appear above the crate drop on the ground and when they are about to disappear they get sucked into the chest. I found this bug on accident by some random person who was talking about it. I deleted the 2 items that i got from the glitch because i tested it if it worked.
  7. Damn you write longer paragraphs then me when i bombard a kid with logic xd.
  8. i have 2 followers...i feel famous

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    2. Star_WarsFan


      Ooo I wanna know whats a gf

    3. AbdeElRachid


      Ihave no followers and i feel like im in a stage with while world population

    4. Star_WarsFan
  9. Last time on iCarly...

    Dead became UnDead

  10. Welp atleast sellwands will be someday added even this is an old thread
  11. huh the website looks a bit better even the "ranks" like with the posts

  12. *Community Reputation*




    Not sure if that's true^^

    1. Unsanity


      Hello, this is forum god, I'll see you soon!

  13. VV mate just PM Dead_Master_121 or ImSkully about this :/